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What to wear??

Hello there!

So yesterday I was informed that on the final night of my study trip abroad we are going to have a gala dinner! How very fancy! I was then told that we are not to worry about smart wear for the gala, that they are expecting us to wear out 'nice' casual wear...

Well that had me puzzled. I mean as far as I'm concerned all my casual wear is 'nice' but is it gala nice? What kind of clothes do you wear on a professional holiday that are professional but still casual?

I'd never before thought about the difference categories of casual wear so I had to experiment and I've come up with a few outfits that I think fit the 'nice' casual category.

I was going to put a selection here but I've forgotten my camera cable! Can't believe it!

I'm going to have to just leave you with one until I can update this post.

The organza dress is from Waregouse, the Rose gold watch is ASOS & so are the black cotton tights.

I've brought flats, thick strap sandals, and a simple black heel too so I have options for day or night.

So conclusions? Did I meet the 'nice' casual criteria?

It's almost time to go now, next time you hear from me I'll either be in the air or on the continent!

Until then, stay happy, stay healthy & thanks for stopping by!

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