Where do you go???

Hi there!

If you read my blog you might notice that I've been a little absent of late, and if not phew & hello!


It might seem odd but I can usually notice the quality of my life based on how many baths I'm taking! Panic not, I'm still clean as a whistle! But I've noticed that when things aren't so good I stick to the usual daily shower routine but when things are great I throw a few bubbly baths in the works for an extra feel good treat.

I don't normally noticed it's happened until I start taking baths again but lets put it this way there's not been too many baths in the last few weeks. Good news is I'm pleased to report I'm back on form!

Just like all of us, I have my demons and sadly sometimes they get in the way of the things I love and usually blogging and social media are the first thing to take a hit.

So I want to give a big big apology and say I'm back and looking forward to blogging again. I'm really working on not letting things get to me and as time goes on I know I'm improving, maybe one day I'll share my story too if it'll help someone else, but for now I hope you can forgive me and I promise I'm back.

I may disappear from time to time but I'm really trying to get on top of things and as I've got a lot coming up I really want to share I'm hoping I can get away from long blogging breaks because deep down blogging helps so much!

Thanks for being so lovely & patient hope you come back soon so we can all catch up.

Until next time!


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