With my studies finally over, I've been a bit stumped as to what to do with myself. I've been a student for over seven years so having time off has all felt a bit strange.

But with the sun out I decide to start it all by going for a roam around my beautiful home town. I've been cooped up indoors for weeks on end and I swear I'd almost forgotten how much I love this place (almost).

Being a bit of a sailor, I adore the seaside and can't imagine living away from the coast. The country is beautiful no question, but there's something about the sea that always brings me back, and a stroll around the harbour brings me the nicest feeling of peace and calm.

In just a few weeks I'm off to see more of the world (or at least Europe for now) so a day walking the streets of the place I love (and when it's not raining!) will hopefully keep me going until I return.

Are you a country or a seaside person?

Bye for now!

I've been doing a lot of soul searching lately and along the way I'm met bumps in the road, some really big bumps, mountain sized bumps...
but I've come over the hill, and I've learnt a lot of lessons.

Although some times have been really hard, I actually wouldn't change them (... which she immediately regrets saying). I mean of course in a world of candy floss and fairies I would have rathered some things in life hadn't happened, but in this real world where sometimes things can hurt I recognise that we can't always avoid these things, no matter how painful they are. These things are bound to happen at some point, and I'm sure in my future (I hope distant future) they might happen again, but hopefully I, and you have learnt something from those experiences that can at least prepare us for those events, and help us out on a day-to-day basis too.

Am I rambling?

Well anyway, as I was saying... as ideal as it sounds to fix my past, instead I'd like to impart some lessons to the little me. The girl who was scared of every social situation, the girl who lacked confidence and was forever seeking acceptance, and spent years hiding in her room with very few friends, and without realising was losing the only friends she had, and the girl who was always beating herself up for her "failures". To that girl I want to say:

Goofy me (left), and my crazy little sister (right) throwing loser signs before it was cool.

1. Step back, calm down and don't panic!- People really don't judge you on a moment by moment basis, it doesn't work that way. We are so wrapped up in our own doings we rarely even notice the people around us, and if we do the thoughts gone in a hard beat. So don't feel so nervous and go to that party. You'll enjoy yourself, and it's really not all as scary as you think. And if you do panic, that's OK - take a moment, relax, take deep breathes, find a quiet pace and when you're ready and not before go back, don't run away, you'll be OK.

2. Don't compare yourself to other people. There are always going to be people who achieve higher than you or lower than you, but when you focus on them, you forget about yourself. Take pride in your achievements however small they are, and don't consider yourself a failure. You don't have to get it right all the time, if you mess up don't beat yourself up - learn from the experience, you'll come about better from it, promise.

3. Spend time on yourself. You worry to much. Enjoying yourself, treating yourself, taking time to work on you - it's not selfish, it's essential! Eat more cake, takes baths, and have the last piece of chocolate once in a while. You'll find if you show yourself a little love you'll have even more love to give.

4. Take time off. I can't stress this one enough. I don't mean just have lazy days, or days you know you should do something but you can't face it today. Really take it off! If you feel like you're just not up for it, that's OK! But don't spend the whole day thinking about that thing you need to do because by the end of the day you won't feel anymore relaxed. If you can't do it, put it in your mind that your just not going to do it today - put "DAY OFF" in the diary, and do something else you've been neglecting. Have a bubble bath and read your book, or get your guitar out and learn some news songs, or sit on the couch and watch a movie - but make it a choice - CHOOSE to do it, and you'll be amazed how more refreshed you'll feel.

5. Have more confidence in yourself and don't give up just because the odds are 1 in a million. If those are the odds then surely it's worth trying for? You're much more able than you give yourself credit for. Whatever you want to be go for it, because no matter where you end up you'll be so proud of how far you came, and you will have enjoyed the experience so much! Go for it - I'm routing for you.

I could go on, but for now I think little me has had enough advice for one day.
It's always painful to look back on life and wish you'd done things differently, but if you hadn't done things the way you did you wouldn't have learnt those valuable lessons that have moulded you into the person you are today!

If you could give your younger self any advice what would it be?

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 My Dad used to take me on the Fairbourne railway when I was a kid, brings back fonds memories!

 I just love Wales! I live in such a beautiful country.

In Barmouth we went to Knickerbockers Ice cream shop. Deciding on what flavours to bring home was so hard! I opted for a Mint choc chip ice cream, and I got a strawberries and cream, Fruit salad, and of course the Knickerbocker glory lollies! Mmmmm...!

 We went on a lovely boat trip too and saw all the sights of Barmouth.

Can you spot the 'sleeping giant?' If you look closely you can see his face as if he's lying down and his body goes off to the left. 


I never get to see my uni friends as often as I'd like to anymore but I put aside a weekend especially to see some lovely friends of mine who are expecting in just two weeks! I can't wait for bump to become a little mushy person.

We stayed in Fairbourne and walked into Barmouth. It was such a lovely weekend, and having never been to Barmouth I was blown away by how beautiful it is, and the beaches...the beaches!

I can't wait to go back. Moments like this remind me of just how beautiful my home country is and I feel so lucky to live here.
There are so many places I've still never seen, I feel so driven to go and explore this stunning country and can't wait to get on the road.

I know I'll be back in Fairbourne before the end of the summer.



In ten days I'll be handing in my last (for now) piece of University work after years of hard work.
In 2007 I started my first degree course at Bangor University, Wales. Seven years, and three degree certificates later I've almost finished and it all comes down to this final piece.

It's been one of the hardest things I've ever done but I've also learnt so much more than I ever thought I would. That being said I can't wait for all the things I can finally do once it's handed in.

Picking up a book is something I'm dying to do! While I study I always try to have a few books to bury my nose in but for the last month I've had no chance at all and I can't thinking of anything nicer than snuggling up somewhere no one can find me and getting lost in another world - yes please!

Now I'm finally going to have some free time I've also got some travelling plans in the diary! I managed a quick stop in Switzerland last year, and this year have made it up to North Wales to see some lovely friends (more on that soon) and just a few weeks ago I went to the Czech Republic (you can read about that here). But now I have more time I'm off to see the world solo. I've got plans to head to France, Galicia and California before the end of the year, but I'm also hoping to fit a few more trips in before life decides to take over again.



Now it's not to say that all this studying has been all gloom and doom because it's truly been one of the best experiences of my life but even when you relax you have numbers, figures, ideas, deadlines and everything else going through your head.

I still have commitments but for at least a few sunny months I'm going to be trouble free and I can't wait for lazy days, sunsets and star gazing.

House clear out

It might seem contradictory but one of my favourite activities for lazy days and relaxation is rearranging the house. I know, I'm probably on my own here but there's something about moving furniture and giving a room a new looks that gives me those good butterfly feelings!

I've got a major clear out booked, and a big paint job which is years overdue - I can't wait!


Oh course with every new room there's are must have shopping items to buy, you know those little statement pieces, and a new outfit...and maybe new shoes...you know just to finish it all off...


Eating good food is something I love but over the last few weeks and maybe months my healthy eating has really gone down hill. I've always been an everything in moderation kind of person, but there has been no moderation, not even a tiny bit lately. Late nights and early mornings has meant that eating healthy or even regularly for that matter has just not been on my radar but I can't wait to get back into cooking again. With the summer truly here (finally!) I have some really goodies up my sleeve and a list as long as my arm of new recipes, sweets and treats that I can't wait to try out.


This is one of my biggest loves and something I've missed so much lately. I swear I'm getting glitter withdrawals. I can't wait to get my hands into a new project, and with my room decorating I have some super exciting home plans in mind. Of course I'll be sharing them all with you too!


...And how can I forget this? My blogging has definitely taken a beating lately.
I only started blogging in November last year but I promised myself I wanted to do it right. I wasn't going to let life get in the way because my blog was going to be a part of my life but 'c'est la vie'!
The blog did get neglected, but I really want to get back on track. I've loved blogging, and the incredible community that comes with it. I've really found that blogging has an amazing effect on my life, on my mood, my confidence, and the way I see the world. Thanks to blogging I feel a feeling to forever improve my quality of life and the thought that by sharing I might just help one other person really makes the whole thing worth while.

Ah, this post takes me back. I've missed writing my personal 'dear diary' type posts and I've really enjoyed writing this.

If you have any questions about studying, blogging, travelling or anything else in the post leave me a message in the comments below. I'd love to hear from you.

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Being the sensitive soul that I am, little things can get me down, but today's post is not about those things.

Today's post is about the little things than can also pick me up again.

This is one of those things.

When the sun is shining and the fruit is finally on the trees, there's nothing more peaceful or enjoyable than strolling into the garden barefoot and collecting my breakfast from the fruit bushes outside.

And why not top if off with a cup of tea and a slice of lemon and poppy seed cake for extra happy feelings?!

In honesty mode I have to tell you the blueberries are shop bought, sadly they're not in season yet but you get the idea! (blushes).

It's these little things that really bring me happiness.

What brightens your day?


Hi there!

My Father's is a hater of fuss, and for this Father's day he just didn't want to do a thing. So to balance things out we thought instead of making a big thing of 'Father's Day' we'll just enjoy the sun.

We ran passed the shops and picked up some essentials, turned up on my Dads door step and spent the day out in the garden sprucing up the back yard and eating burgers off the barbie!

To top things off my little sister turned up all the way from Bristol for a surprise visit with a homemade cake in hand & to finish things off we had a huge bonefire.

Deep down give anyone a chance to enjoy some family time and you're aways guaranteed a great day!

Whatever you did this weekend, I hope you had a lovely time!
Bye for now x

I'm going abroad to meet my Spanish family very soon and making plans sent me on a trip down memory lane.

A few months ago, my brother sprung a surprise on me. He was coming to visit (lovely) and he was also bringing his girlfriend (she's so nice - happy me)...and her mum...and her sister...and her sister's friend...all the way from Spain to meet me...yikes.

Did I mention this was just four days before they arrived too? Ye so that too!
If you think I might have gone into panic mode you'd be absolutely right!

Just to add, my little sister and her boyfriend decided to join us too, OK so no pressure then!

So four days passed and between work, studies and life I squeezed in food shopping for 9 people (including my Dad to popped by), cleaned up the house, made the beds, and the sofas, and put together a weekend of activities and adventures.

On Friday night after much kerfuffle, late planes and hire car problems, 7 people descended on my house at around midnight and after a few coffees, teas, hot chocolates and nodding heads everyone was packed up into beds and off to the land of nod.

Oh I forgot to mention, it was at this point I found out all but one of my guests were vegetarians and none of the relatives spoke English.

(a sneaky snap of my family - ssshh)

Well luckily the weekend was somehow still a huge success. We all managed to communicate through a mixture of Spanish, German, french and English, and had a taste of everyone's traditional cuisine.

We toured the beautiful Welsh country side, got our feet wet in the sand, learnt the old Welsh tale of Devils bridge, tried the local beer and cider, went out in the rain (of course!) and played music together while the sun went down.

How romantic!
I do love a good sing-song.

Having a family stay in my house who can't speak English reminded me of how incredible and fascinating languages are. My language skills are definitely rusty but it inspired me to pick up the books and start learning again.

So now it's my turn to cross the blue and test my language skills in Spain. I can tell you I'm beyond nervous, but I'm so happy to have met my new family and have such lovely people in my life.

Are you a lover of languages, and what languages can you speak?
Leave a comment below with a phrase or saying you know, I'd love to learn them!

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Well I've been back for about ten days and my suitcase is still sitting at the end of my bed, but I've finally found the time to sit down and look back on my time.

Way back in October 2013 I applied for the chance to attend a Graduate school in Czech Republic. Applications were open to several thousand European Union funded postgraduate students studying in Wales, Portugal, Belgium, Sweden and the Czech Republic (I think that was all the countries there may have been more). There were only 30 places available and luckily for me I was one of the fortunate students to win a place.

After finding out I got a place in late March it was only a matter of weeks before we were to head off to Czech. It was all very nerve racking and it wasn't until I arrived at Manchester Airport that I even met the people I would be flying with!
Luckily it was very quick to see that we were all going to be really great friends.

(p.s. sorry in advance for the terrible photos, turns out I forgot my camera charger so I had to use my granny phone to take photos).

The course was intense but rewarding, but really the best part of the trip was being able to meet so many people from all corners of the globe, and experience the culture of the Czech Republic.

We stayed in a small town just outside Pardubice, in a Spa retreat, and I took full advantage of the facilities, although I didn't last longer than three minutes in steam room!

We visited the local University, and saw some of the incredible works in the department of restoration. I swear I could have stayed there all day.

This was from the 'house of torment'. Every wall and every ceiling was covered in paintings like this that had been hidden under layers of wall paper for years. It was a very surreal experience. I can't imagine the thoughts that were in the heads of those people.

We also got to see old town, climb the green gate tower, visit the palace, and taste the local food - ginger bread! I brought some of these little houses home for my family because they were just too cute.

And of course we tried the local coffee and cake. Yum!

Czech was a real experience, and so different to other parts of Europe I've seen. The clashes in architecture, the food, and the social culture was so different to any I've experienced and I'll never forget it.

My only regret is not staying longer and I can't wait to get back.

Have you ever been to Europe? Where did you go and would you recommend it?
Let me know in the comments below.

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