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I'm going abroad to meet my Spanish family very soon and making plans sent me on a trip down memory lane.

A few months ago, my brother sprung a surprise on me. He was coming to visit (lovely) and he was also bringing his girlfriend (she's so nice - happy me)...and her mum...and her sister...and her sister's friend...all the way from Spain to meet me...yikes.

Did I mention this was just four days before they arrived too? Ye so that too!
If you think I might have gone into panic mode you'd be absolutely right!

Just to add, my little sister and her boyfriend decided to join us too, OK so no pressure then!

So four days passed and between work, studies and life I squeezed in food shopping for 9 people (including my Dad to popped by), cleaned up the house, made the beds, and the sofas, and put together a weekend of activities and adventures.

On Friday night after much kerfuffle, late planes and hire car problems, 7 people descended on my house at around midnight and after a few coffees, teas, hot chocolates and nodding heads everyone was packed up into beds and off to the land of nod.

Oh I forgot to mention, it was at this point I found out all but one of my guests were vegetarians and none of the relatives spoke English.

(a sneaky snap of my family - ssshh)

Well luckily the weekend was somehow still a huge success. We all managed to communicate through a mixture of Spanish, German, french and English, and had a taste of everyone's traditional cuisine.

We toured the beautiful Welsh country side, got our feet wet in the sand, learnt the old Welsh tale of Devils bridge, tried the local beer and cider, went out in the rain (of course!) and played music together while the sun went down.

How romantic!
I do love a good sing-song.

Having a family stay in my house who can't speak English reminded me of how incredible and fascinating languages are. My language skills are definitely rusty but it inspired me to pick up the books and start learning again.

So now it's my turn to cross the blue and test my language skills in Spain. I can tell you I'm beyond nervous, but I'm so happy to have met my new family and have such lovely people in my life.

Are you a lover of languages, and what languages can you speak?
Leave a comment below with a phrase or saying you know, I'd love to learn them!

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