Today has been such a wonderful day. I woke up thinking today was very much going to be a wasted day. The clouds were looming, its was hot and sticky (lovely) and my energy was sapped, but following a phone call from my Dad I was reminded about the Aberystwyth carnival today and things quickly went from rubbish to awesome!

After a quick bit of breakfast and the arrival of my Dad we were off on the long walk from my house to the harbour to take in some fresh air and enjoy the festivities.

I'm quite proud of my little town. Although the carnival can't compete with those of bigger cities it's been getting better and bigger every year.

We had a love stroll, had a little dance with the samba band, and enjoyed some nice farmers market style pies.

The cave children looking very busy with there cave business I think!

The little stall where we got our delicious curry pie lunch.
The seagull who tried to steal said lunch...not this time mister. 

It was sad to see this float didn't get more funding, but very glad to see it roll by. 
The poor elephant who had a dodgy back wheel. I was routing for you!
Sadly not the best bunch of photos from the day but I stand by the fact I was simply too busy enjoying myself to take photos - that's a good enough excuse right?!
Whatever you do this weekend I hope it makes you smile.

Bye for now!

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