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If you're a lover a craft and anything like me you'll have a list of ideas, or a Pinterest wall as long as your arm of craft projects and ideas set aside for times you can fit them onto that to-do list.

Lucky for me I'm off to France for 9 days next month to holiday with my little cousins so I'm taking full advantage of the opportunity to splurge on new crafting supplies.

While I'm away I'm hoping to knock off some of the child friendly projects on my list.

Almost all of these items I was able to find in discount stores such as poundland or the works but everything else was bought either on offer or at a very good price from local craft shops or stationary shops such as WHSmiths.

Here's what I've picked up so far:

So here's some of the tools! As you might be able to tell some of these have already been put to use.
Scissors & Tape | £1 each from Poundland (who'd a thunk it?!) 

UHU minis | 99p from The Works (perfect for travelling)
80's Glam Sharpies | An absolute bargain at just £6.99 from WHSmiths. 

I know it says £16.99 on the label, but they have an offer on at the moment that you can buy these for just £6.99 with any stationary purchase. Bargain! I picked up a 23p Bic biro just so I could get these! So happy!

and the fun part, buttons, stickers and bits and bobs.

All alphabet stickers | £1 each from Poundland
Large Paperclips | £1.99 WHSmiths
Flower heads | £1 The Works
Crafts Bows and Purple Butterflies | £1 each from The Works
Plain wooden buttons & Bronze shimmer stickers | £1.99 each from my local craft shop
Black hair grips | £1 from Poundland
Decorated buttons | £1 each from The Works
Clean zone drawer liner (30 x 150 cm) | £1 from Poundland

I know a few items (Hello there drawer liners!) might seem a little odd but trust me they all have a (hopefully) awesome purpose.

I'm so excited to get started on some of the projects that have been picking up dust in the back of my mind so I'll be sure to share them with you - the successes and the failures!

If you have any great craft ideas for little girls let me know in the comments below, I want to go out there with as many options as possible!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Gotta love the pound shops & The Works! I'm always popping in to find craft goodies or bits for work. One of my colleagues was amazed that my "utterly brilliant" scissors were from Poundland!


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