My summer wishlist!



Well I’ve graduated! My academic studies are definitely over for the moment and life is taking over.

With such perfect timing, I thought there was no better opportunity than now to fulfil some of those life long dreams that get left on the back burner.

Now the sun is out I’ve wandered down to the beach and write this from the sandy shores under the warmth of the setting sun (lovely). I’ve put together some things together that I hope to accomplish before the sun disappears for another year. I’ve never written a summer wishlist before so I look forward to seeing how far through I can get.

Cue Summer wishlist!

·      See California
·      Visit my dear dear friend Hannah in Iowa
·      Watch a show on Broadway (New York, New York!)
·      Attend my first acting class
·      Make my first solo adventure overseas (Bonjour Paris!)
·      Couch surf for the first time
·      Get rid of all the clutter!
·      Work on my EP
·      Start surfing again
·      Get the blog in full swing, with a new layout and design.

Some of these may seem simple to others but for me this would make such an incredible impact on my life.

Now I read them maybe this should be a 2014 list not a summer list because few of them require sun, but as this summer is my first free summer in too many years I’m going to take full advantage of it.

I'll keep the list updated and hopefully as the summer goes on we'll see lots of these getting crossed off!

Do you have any plans this summer?
Whatever you do I hope you enjoy it!

Thanks for stopping by!

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