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Today's post is a little unusual for me, but instead of offering advice or experience I'd like to ask for yours.

I've recently been offered an opportunity to have a main role in a web series. It all sounded really exciting, the story line was interesting, I loved the characters, but after really looking into the background of the company I lost faith.

I won't name them but basically most of the cast are significantly younger than me (all above 18), as are the company partners, and from what I've taken from their various social media outlets this series has been 'in the making' for sometime now. In reality, it doesn't seem to have really made any progress. From the research I've done the series was started in 2012, a few scenes were shot and then it all tapered off. However, between then and now a lot of announcements went out about the up coming episodes, such as "we'll be uploading a new episode every Friday from now" "check out the latest bloopers" "head to the website to see the first episode up tomorrow" "here's the trailer", "here's the NEW trailer"....All of these announcements have been spread out over the last few years, but nothing seems to have come from it.

So I wanted to ask your advice. If you have experience in drama or film that would be great but I'd really like to hear all your opinions.

I'm getting the impression that one of two things could be happening.
1) That actually things have been off and on in the past but the company are finally really focusing on this series and want to make it a complete success,
2) The company aren't really taking it very seriously or committing to the project, so any time spent might be wasted time.

I've always been of the opinion that any opportunity is a great opportunity, but in all honest I'm wondering if I should take the decision to leave this one in pursuit of better opportunities to dedicate my time to.

I'd really appreciate any thoughts or advice you might have.

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