That special someone

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Now I know what you're thinking. Ooh a special someone? Romance maybe?
Well actually this post is about something just a little different. What I really want to talk about is friendship. That person you can always confide in. The person you tell all your secrets, they know all about you - you're likes, your dislikes, your weaknesses, your strengths, and with all that knowledge they love you for being you. That person you share your everything with and feel connected to.

When you're the new girl it can be so difficult to meet people. It can be even harder to find friends, especially people you feel close to when you don't know anybody!

I recently returned to my home town. I never thought it would become this permanent but here I am two years later and it doesn't look to be changing anytime soon. When I left some 7 years ago, like so many people I lost contact with most of the people I knew from home. So coming back here was a very daunting prospect and since then I've not really found that person I really connect to.

I went through a period of thinking it was just me. Maybe something was wrong with me. Everyone else had these amazing friendships right? So surely it was me.
It got me thinking but after conversations with a few people, my view point really changed.

I always found it hard to understand how so many people could get by in the world with so many "surface" relationships. You know friends you don't really tell your problems, people who are only there for the party or shopping or something "surface" but never really connecting or sharing your intimate feelings? I couldn't understand it. How could SO MANY people be happy, content to never really feel close to anyone?

And why wasn't I like that? I've never had a desire for a huge friendship group, just that small close nit group. Four people who know me inside out and I know them and we accept each other for who we are. Was that so much to ask for?

But after speaking to a few people, I realised - we're all really looking for the same thing. Deep down we're all searching for that special someone. That friend that truly sees you for who you are, but in reality those connections are one in a million. It's not to say they don't exist, they do exist, and it's the fact they're so far apart it's worth keeping going for.

All those people I thought were happy with knowing a million people without connecting with them are really doing the same thing as me. They're looking for those special connections, just in a different way. I'm quite an introvert so for me I feel I need to connect in some way to truly feel secure in a friendship, but for some with more confidence and an outgoing nature, the building of large friendship groups it's just a different way of seeking the same goal.
It's almost like trial and error!

It doesn't change my situation to know this - I'm still searching...but it does change my perspective. Knowing we're all still looking for the same makes me feel less lonely, because we're all in it together and more empowered to keep going. If we're all looking for that one thing, hopefully one day I'll bump into that person and it'll all slot into place. It's actually very relieving!

I'd really like to know your thought on this. Do you feel like your searching for that special connection or have you found that one friend you can tell anything too?
Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. This post really spoke to me and reminded me of a dark time in my life when I was tired of having so many 'surface' friends. I wanted that friend that I could connect to on a very deep level who knew me inside out..It made me quite depressed and unhappy. I would say I finally found what I was looking for but I would be lying...but it does get better I guess(I sound so old haha). This is a really nice and touching post.
    Lope xoxo ||

    1. Thank you so much Lope! It's so comforting to hear from people who've experienced the same feelings. I'm feeling much like you too, I've definitely not found that person, but you're right that it definitely gets better. I've found that concentrating on the things in life that I do have a say in, improve my quality of life overall and fills that gap a little - but you never day :)

      Thanks for sharing xx


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