Airport Diaries #2


The last 24 hours has been a roller coaster of emotions, from completely unpanicked to incredible excited to wishing I could stay home and a continuous jumble of all the above all at once.

Still after much packing, unpacking and repacking, a couple of hours sleep and a cold shower for the nerves I was in a car on my way to Manchester Airport.

After about 6 hours or travelling (several of which were spent driving down the wrong roads) we arrived and here I sit waiting for my flight.

Unlike my last trip to France, this time I'm accompanied by an old school friend and a return ticket that brings me home in 8 weeks.

Although we have a rough idea of where we'll end up other than our first flight to New York and the return from Los Angeles, everything that happens in-between is up for debate! All I know is we plan to spend the first few weeks together and then head of solo for the rest of our trips.

I'm hoping to spend a good portion of the trip exploring the Californian coast, and the City of Angels.

What happens while I'm there is really unknown but I'm actually really hoping to take up some classes while I'm out there, in music and drama, and...who knows what else.

Controversial as it might seem I'm hoping not to be too much of a tourist! New York is really going to be the tourist time but in California I really want to try and sink into life and get the most out of the experience.

If you have any tips for things to do, places to explore and cities to visit please let me know in the comments below and we'll see how many I can fit in during my travels.

I'm going to miss home so much, but I really can't wait to start this journey.

It's going to be a big adventure.

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  1. Yey for avoiding the tourist traps - that's what I love to hear. There's a total difference between seeing all the tourist stuff and finding the real America. I don't know much about California, but Chicago, Michigan (where I am) and Pittsburgh i'd highly recommend! Hope you have a great time.

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