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This weekend passed there was a birthday. I'm not one to say whether people should or should not celebrate their birthday, whether they should or should not receive presents and whether there is any reason to want or need them.

I realise that love should be unconditional, and we shouldn't neglect our loved ones for the remainder of the year (which if course I never do) with only a birthday gift to replace it, but I do recognise that in the fast paced lives that we lead, and the increasing distances we travel having a special day to dedicate to a single individual in your life to demonstrate your love and care for that person is a beautiful opportunity.

And for this reason my family and I always aim to gather, wherever that may be so celebrate our love and spend a rare moment together dedicate to nothing but quality time.

This weekend was one of those moments.
We travelled through Wales, enjoyed the countryside, laughed over cups of coffee, saw beautiful sites, danced with bottles of beer and made special memories for years to come.

Whether you celebrate birthdays or not, I hope that for everyone one of us we can always find a day, a time or a short moment to spend with those we love and do nothing but enjoy the company of those we treasure.

Bye for now!

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  1. Happy belated birthday, having moved countries and being away from my family birthdays and Christmas aren't really the same to me any more so I have lost a bit of the desire to celebrate them. Either that or I don't want to acknowledge getting old!

  2. I love celebrating birthdays....with the cake and the presents and THE CAKE ( you can tell I love cake). It is also a day you get to spend with love ones.Its awesome even thought technically You are one step closer to your death. I nominated you for a Liebster Award. Check out my questions here:


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