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If you don't already know I have been travelling. So in preparation for the sun and sand I've been giving my body some real TLC. The base tan is ready to go, the sun screen is packed, I've been sticking to a morning squats and sit up routine to work on those less than tones bits of my body, and every evening I've been pampering my very neglected feet.

 As honesty is the best policy i have to tell you that my feet get the absolute minimum of care and usually resemble something more suited to the stone age - lovely
I blame my years of dance school. 

So in a hopes to have something remotely acceptable to reveal in public places I've been busy with my new tootsie routine every evening. the greatest thing about it has been the minimal required effort on my part and the compulsory episode of Friends.

So if you're feet are a little worse for wear like mine and your hoping to get those sandals our for a break this summer follow this super simpler evening routine and you'll have beautiful little feet in a week.

P.s. can you spot my sandal tan lines already? haha looks like I've already being making use of my foot rescue!

Here we go!:

First things first, give your feet a good wash and a quick scrub to get rid of any dirt from the day. I use a soap with tea tree oil and I make a very simple homemade sugar scrub using granulated cane sugar and some olive oil straight from the kitchen cupboards - but any scrub you've got will do the job.

Then comes the easy bit. Fill a bowl with warm water, add two tablespoons of sea salt and a tablespoon of white vinegar (If you're worried about any sneaky bacteria roaming your feet this will be great to wipe them out), and soak for 20 minutes - just enough time for an episode of something good - friends is my current favourite.

After 20 minutes or so (I usually get caught up in a second episode!) dry your feet off and with a Ped egg or something similar give all those less smooth pats of your feet a good scrub. I know I know, I hate the idea of a Ped egg but trust me it's worth it, I don't know what I would do without it anymore.

To finish off rub a little almond oil into your toes and be sure to spend a good amount of time on your nails. This will do wonders to nourish your nails but if you don't have any olive oil can also work well.
And finally, take a generous amount of Vaseline and cover your feet from heel to toe. If you prefer a specific moisturiser you can use that instead but I can guarantee nothing does the job like Vaseline. 

Then pop your feet in a plastic bag and leave to soak in the goodness. I use those little vegetable baggies from the supermarket which are easy to come by and the perfect size.

...wait what?? Yes i know, but trust me. This was a tip I was given by a friend and I swear it's like putting your feet in a beauty cocoon. I promise if you do this for a whole week your feet will be transformed by the end.

My only warning would be to make sure your very careful if you want to walk around. I have slipped and landed on my bottom so to avoid it you can also pop your feet (already in bags) inside some comfy socks which will help with the slipping.

I've had just horrible feet as long as I can remember but I finally feel like I can get the sandals out without feeling conscious all day - just a little nail varnish and Voila.

If you have any extra tips please let me and everyone else know in the comments below.

I've been travelling for 10 days now and I have many more trips to share in the coming weeks so stay tuned, it's getting busy!

Thank you for stopping by!


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