Travel Diaries: Poitier



My travels through France have taken me into the beautiful countryside to the small communities just outside Poitier.

Having spent the past few days in the hustle of Paris city the countryside offers a blissful contrast.

I’m so grateful for this opportunity kindly provided to me by my Uncle and Aunt who have taken my younger sister and me in for the last week.

I feel so lucky to have this time with my family, whom I rarely get to visit and to see just how much my gorgeous little cousins have grown.

My time here has been more than laid back and took a day or two to get used. I’ve spent days by the pool, taken early morning walks through pastures and forest paths to the boulangerie, and picked fruits from the sides of the road.

We enjoyed a soirée with the lovely people of the village, went canoeing down the river, and spent an afternoon playing boule in the near by village square.

I’ve loved France, and my trips to Paris and Poitier have really opened my eyes to some of the beauties of France that I hadn’t taken in as a child.

My travels this year have gone from wonder to wonder and the most exciting is still on it’s way.

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