Airport Diaries #3

I'm definitely not in New York Anymore!


So I’m on the second leg of my journey across America. In many ways I’m glad to be leaving New York and at the same time I’m really going to miss it. Never have I had such an experience that was New York. I don’t think I will ever get over the size of the city, the hustle of the people, and the calm (-er) of the suburbs.

This time yesterday I was eager to leave, I felt two weeks had seen me well, I’d experienced a lot of what the city has to offer both by day and by night, I’d seen the sights and enjoyed the city scenery of Time Square and the greenery of Central Park and met some amazing and fascinating people from all over the globe.

But as I now sit in Chicago Airport having already flown from Newark NY and waiting for my connection to Fayetteville, Arkansas I’m truly missing those people I’ve met behind. I wish for this reason more than most that I had more time to spend and share with some of the wonderful people I’ve met and enjoyed these travels with, but still I look forward in eagerness to the next addition to my journey.

In three hours I will be landing in Fayetville to a greeting by a long lost friend. We met four years ago for only a brief time but luckily for me we have kept a strong connection since and she has remained a dear friend of mine. So several years overdue here I am finally off to see her again, meet her friends and family and indulge in yet another cultural experience.

So mixed emotions indeed, but the more I write the more excited I feel for this next step in my journey.

I can’t wait!
Just a short while ago a friend of mine introduce me to a wonderful initiative that I just can't avoid getting involved with...

The Pay It Forward Initiative

The world can often be a less than nice place. Within each of our individual worlds there is so often things going on that are completely out of our control, things that can be challenging or difficult to cope with.

But with just a little kindness we can hopefully make a difference, however small, to each others lives. So with that in mind comes the Pay it forward initiative.

How it works - The first five people who respond to this blog post with "I'm In" will receive a surprise from me at some point during the next calendar year.

It could be a letter, a book, a ticket, a treat, something homemade...anything!

There will be no warning and I'll do it at a moment when the inspiration takes me, and will hopefully, bring you a little happiness.

Once you comment on this blog with "I'm In" make sure you leave a link to your twitter or some form of social media so I can' contact you and then if you have a blog too, create a post yourself inviting five people to say "I'm In" as well (please leave a link back to this post, letting people know who's paying it forward to you, and everyone who follows can do the same in turn). Let's see how far we can spread the joy!

What more of a reason do we need but to make another person smile.

I really hope you'll want to join in too and together we can bring a little happiness into each others lives.
Hello again!

Yesterday I posted what was meant to be the final edition to my New York Travels but with too many photos to include, I've added a New York finale post with just the last few of the photos I wanted to share...

What an incredible city she is...

 I think this was an extension of the love lock bridges in Paris! (I wrote a little about them on my travels to France. You can find it here)

More of the impressive grafitti across Brooklyn

The most delicious food in the world!

The original Pooh bear and Piglet!!

The views as we took a sunset ferry to the statue of liberty


It's been an incredible trip in New York but now I have to say goodbye as I'm on my way to my next adventure. Thank you for the memories!

Bye for now!
Brooklyn USA

So the last but longest leg of my New York journey as arrived!

I've really enjoyed all my time in New York from the local cuisine (pizza and bagels) to the sites and tourism to exploring each and every corner of this incredible city.

I'm still yet to decide if it's really a place I could live, but its a place I'm glad I've been. I don't think you can fully appreciate New York without trying it out for yourself!

 Walking Brooklyn bridge!

Catching X-factor rehearsals at Radio City! 

Central Park - Just about my favourite place in NY

Just one snippet of the incredible Grafitti you can find all over Brooklyn 


A final goodbye with some of the best <3

And of course I can't forget the wonderful people I've met during my travels here. I'm so glad we chose to spend our last week in New York at the New York Loft Hostel in Brooklyn. It had such a great vibe and with people, particularly solo traveller arriving from all over the world we had the opportunity to meet, and make new friends from ever corner of the globe.

I've made friendships I hope to keep for a very long time, and I think that, has been the best part of my whole trip.

I had too many photos to share so this is just a few of them and I'll do one final post to show you the rest tomorrow, but Brooklyn was by far my favourite place. Most of these photos are from my travels while I stayed in New York so they are not limited to Brooklyn, but I just loved the vibe, the bars, the cafe, the whole area is really unique and somewhere I'd recommend every New York trip should include!

Until the final instalment!

p.s. Don't forget to read New York #1 & #2 if you haven't already!


We’ve moved!

Since my last post (which you can catchup on here) I’ve moved to the Meatpacking district in Chelsea. After the hustle and bustle of Time square, being here has been a blissful retreat! It was definitely a must do to see the big city and experience all the lights, but truth be told I was so happy to be moving into a more relaxed area.

Chelsea is fantastic; I can definitely imagine me living here. The area still has plenty of people and things to do, but the pace is just so much slower and you can walk around without being shoved by busy passers by or getting stuck in mile long queues of people.

If you’re ever in New York, I would highly recommend coming to stay in this area if you get the chance. There’s a lot on to offer from the Chelsea Market where you can pick up your groceries while browsing through the vintage stalls, boutique sellers and racks of sample sales, to the highline – a rescued train line that originally ran through the heights of the buildings that has now been converted into a stunning garden park, right up above the roof tops where you can relax, take a stroll, have a picnic and admire the views. There’s also a range of lovely restaurants and cafes where you can pick up pretty much any sort of cuisine you fancy, and some great bars and clubs to finish of the night.

Some of the clubs are definitely in the pricier range with strict dress codes, but if you’re like me and happy looking for somewhere to chill after a long day, there’s also some great hidden places with a relaxed chilled vibes, and plenty of roof top bars which I loved.

While I’ve been here I also took in a tour (official tourist here!) of both the uptown and downtown parts of New York. It was the one thing on my list I have to admit I wanted to avoid, but I have to admit now I’ve done it I’m really glad I did. I got to get a real feel for the different districts of New York pretty quickly and work out just where I’d like to visit and the shops, restaurants and activities I wanted to check out – so not a wasted pass time at all.

On the tour we also got to stop off wherever we wanted to I was able to check out Hard Rock cafĂ©, the Yankee stadium, some amazing Catherdrals and churches, and Ground Zero which was an incredible experience - I’m going to be writing up a post all about it very soon.

Once again still having a great time in New York, and loving Chelsea but my next stop is just around the corner.

Find out how I’m getting on in Brooklyn very soon!

Bye for now!


Trying to tell you about New york is impossible I have no idea where to start.

It’s been such an incredible experience so far.

For the first few days I’ve stayed in the centre of Manhattan and I’ve been blown away by the sheer size of the city and the bustle of people (ahem, tourists!).

As I’m lucky to be joined by a lovely old school friend for this part of the journey, we’ve taken every advantage to do the “tourist thing”. I would not normally want to spend my days going from site to site but there’s so much in NYC it would be a crime not to see some of it.

We’ve seen If/Then and Motown on Broadway already, stopped off at some of the sites of the city including Grand Central, walked at 0 miles and hour through Time Square and spent a day strolling through Central Park.

We also managed a quick stop off at the Central Park zoo, and caught a Team USA Basketball game and had a try of the local Pizza, cheesecake, doughnuts and pancakes – basically everything fattening about New York!

New York is different from anywhere I’ve ever been before and I’m so glad I have two weeks here to really get a feel for the place – I’m going to need it!

Next stop Chelsea and the Meatpacking district. I’ve heard lovely things and I really can’t wait to experience the atmosphere there.

See you then!
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