Airport Diaries #3

Airport Diaries #3

I'm definitely not in New York Anymore!


So I’m on the second leg of my journey across America. In many ways I’m glad to be leaving New York and at the same time I’m really going to miss it. Never have I had such an experience that was New York. I don’t think I will ever get over the size of the city, the hustle of the people, and the calm (-er) of the suburbs.

This time yesterday I was eager to leave, I felt two weeks had seen me well, I’d experienced a lot of what the city has to offer both by day and by night, I’d seen the sights and enjoyed the city scenery of Time Square and the greenery of Central Park and met some amazing and fascinating people from all over the globe.

But as I now sit in Chicago Airport having already flown from Newark NY and waiting for my connection to Fayetteville, Arkansas I’m truly missing those people I’ve met behind. I wish for this reason more than most that I had more time to spend and share with some of the wonderful people I’ve met and enjoyed these travels with, but still I look forward in eagerness to the next addition to my journey.

In three hours I will be landing in Fayetville to a greeting by a long lost friend. We met four years ago for only a brief time but luckily for me we have kept a strong connection since and she has remained a dear friend of mine. So several years overdue here I am finally off to see her again, meet her friends and family and indulge in yet another cultural experience.

So mixed emotions indeed, but the more I write the more excited I feel for this next step in my journey.

I can’t wait!

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