New York #3

Brooklyn USA

So the last but longest leg of my New York journey as arrived!

I've really enjoyed all my time in New York from the local cuisine (pizza and bagels) to the sites and tourism to exploring each and every corner of this incredible city.

I'm still yet to decide if it's really a place I could live, but its a place I'm glad I've been. I don't think you can fully appreciate New York without trying it out for yourself!

 Walking Brooklyn bridge!

Catching X-factor rehearsals at Radio City! 

Central Park - Just about my favourite place in NY

Just one snippet of the incredible Grafitti you can find all over Brooklyn 


A final goodbye with some of the best <3

And of course I can't forget the wonderful people I've met during my travels here. I'm so glad we chose to spend our last week in New York at the New York Loft Hostel in Brooklyn. It had such a great vibe and with people, particularly solo traveller arriving from all over the world we had the opportunity to meet, and make new friends from ever corner of the globe.

I've made friendships I hope to keep for a very long time, and I think that, has been the best part of my whole trip.

I had too many photos to share so this is just a few of them and I'll do one final post to show you the rest tomorrow, but Brooklyn was by far my favourite place. Most of these photos are from my travels while I stayed in New York so they are not limited to Brooklyn, but I just loved the vibe, the bars, the cafe, the whole area is really unique and somewhere I'd recommend every New York trip should include!

Until the final instalment!

p.s. Don't forget to read New York #1 & #2 if you haven't already!


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