Thank you 2014

Ahh...! The dreamy views flying across American skies


To anybody else my last year might appear to be pretty uneventful, but for me it was the beginning of a life I look forward to.

In 2014 I made a real start to make my life the one I wanted it to be. I crossed some milestones I'd been working on for such a long time, and create many that I'm still working on everyday.

When i started this post I made a tidy little listed of all my achievements but when I read it through I couldn't bring myself to publish it! It sounded like I was gloating!

So no I won't do that but if I can I'm going to sum up the biggest events that brought me joy.

The most obvious was my graduation and getting first academic job. Academia has played such a big part in my life and to have reached the milestones I have, I'm so proud. I spent a lot of my life underachieving due to one reason or another, but I can honestly say that this was the first time I felt I'd truly committed myself to something and could truly feel proud of myself for the first time. It was a really emotional and magical moment for me.

Travel also played a big part in my year. Taking ten trips, visiting 5 countries, 5 states, and exploring 13 cities I've racked up more miles this year than I have in all my previous years combined. I've taken on the world solo, a dream I'd always had and never thought I'd achieved, and in all my travels I've learnt so much about the world, people and myself I feel blessed to have experienced so much and for so many incredible people to have allowed me into their homes and their lives.

I've also focused time on myself for a change. In recent years I've realised just how much there is out there I don't know, and how little time I've spent exploring it and myself. So in 2014 I made a conscious effort to grow. I've taken acting classes (something I never imagined myself doing), I've improve my skill and my confidence and a musician and a song writer, I've taken to knitting to the point of addiction. I don't remember the last time I left the house without a pair of knitting needles or crotchet hooks, I've crafted like nobodies business, tested myself in the kitchen, de-cluttered my house and my mind, and made great steps towards improving my mental and my physical health.

For me it's been a big year, and I'm very proud of how much I feel I achieved, now I can't wait to top it in 2015!!

However big or small you think your achievements might have been last year, don't weigh them up against other peoples ideals, look at your year and congratulate yourself.

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