Ah, how life would be...


We all have dreams don't we? Dreams of fame, or money, or security, a home, travel, family...

My dreams tend to change on a regular basis. A few always stick with me, the hopes that one day I'll produce an album, put the deposit down on my first house and the excitement of re-decorating and making it a home - my own, or the dream of a happy little family unit - maybe I'll home school, maybe I won't, maybe I can work from home, maybe I wont...

...of late all I can think about is - if only I could knit for a living! Whiling away the hours with one eye on the needles and one out the window watching the birds.
I know I would just love that job. Sure it would be time consuming, I'm sure I'd be up at all hours of the night and waking before the sun to get orders in on time, but I'd just love it!

Some of my little winter creations <3

Knitting it my stress release. When the worlds getting you down, or you've too much on your plate and just need a quick escape - knitting is that place for me. I don't know if it's the texture of the wool, getting cosy in some hidden little nook, the satisfaction of visible progress, or just the repetitive rhythmic motion of a knit two purl two knit two purl two knit two...
...that lulls me off into a land of fluffy clouds and unicorns.

While I sit in my office, watching the sun set over the Welsh coast and the minutes tick by until I can get back home to my half finished teal angora jumper, it's a rather nice dream to be having.

Do you have a dream?

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