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Knowing where you're going in life can be so difficult. You're meant to make all these important life decisions at such a young age, the pressure to get it right first time can be terrifying.

Whatever stage of life you're in you will have had to face these kinds of decisions as some point so we all know it's tough.

I think for some it comes easier than others but if you're anything like me you'll toss and turn at night worrying about all the possible consequences if you take the wrong decision!

If you've read anything on my blog before, you'll know that the last year has been quite a time of decisions, discoveries, hard work and general "finding myself" - yes corny, but true.

I've spent the year completing academic achievements while trying to free up time to explore my other interests and see where I really want to try and make my career.

Though it's been a long stream of unplanned distractions it's all lead to this - decision time!

Today I was offered a teaching job in China - The academic route. I could carry on as planned and take the next step to a full life as Lecturer and Psychologist...

...that would mean again putting off any exploration. No setting up shop as a crafter, no musical training, no creativity. I'd also have to put off any dreams of finding a house and all the interior design that I'm just busting to do!

It's not that I couldn't do some of those things, but I'd always hoped of really taking time of and dedicating it to them. The other main thing to consider is the salary. In China the cost of living is so much smaller, but so are the wages.
The money I could save in China would be so little that compared anything I could save here in the UK all above plans would be further postponed.
But then maybe I'll end up in Psychology for ever? So wouldn't the experience be a fantastic one?

My fascination with everything the world has to offer is both my strength and my's decision time!

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  1. Oh welcome to the grown up world, decisions are never easy are they?! I always thought i'd go down the academic route, it was the given way especially once you start on an MA course, I was offered a students teaching role and a PhD but I turned it down, it didn't feel right, it was a gut feeling. I guess if travel is a biggie for you, it's probably best to do it while you're younger and you don't necessarily have all the ties of being older - ya know all the bills, responsibilities etc.

    1. Thanks Rachel, I'm of the same opinion of "do it while you're young". Although still young and sprightly - I'm in the late end of my 20's so I've already got two masters under my belt, an existing teaching job in the UK, and a house I inherited so all the bills and duties that come with that too -the decision definitely comes with a lot of baggage. But i'm basically in the exact same position you were in. The opportunity for a next step up on the academic ladder, and a possibility for a PhD too, but I have that feeling in my gut that I'd have a lot of regrets if I don't put the breaks on and try other things...If I was care free I think it would be a much easier decision but with all the above - that's what makes it challenging. It's great to hear form people who've gone through these same decisions!


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