Gaining Perspective


Getting caught up in the negatives - we're human it happens!

Sometimes for some big reason or no reason at all we can get so lost in our worries, concerns and anxieties the world can seem like a dreary place. Those avoidance techniques become a daily must have.

It's really OK to have those days, and important to give our feeling recognition, but it's more important to not let them consume us.

For the last week I've definitely been in one of those moods. So much so that on reflection I can see just how much I was blowing up small things into bigger problems.

Among a number of other things, I taught a class last week. It was the first in a series and also the first time I'd ever written the curriculum myself - a lot of firsts there! = a LOT of pressure!

Well it couldn't have been worse!

It was only my first week on the job and I was already thinking of how I could get out. For the last week I've been mastering the art of procrastination and doing anything I can do avoid preparing for the next class. I'd lost all motivation and it was playing on my mind constantly.

Around came my time slot again today and I thought "How bad would it be if I just didn't show up? I'd lose my job, but I wouldn't have to run this course anymore!"

Oof nightmare city!
But I did what I was paid for and I turned up. Well it turned out they loved it. The material went down a storm, the class was all really engaged, asking questions, laughing, debating on different topics - it was awesome!

I was on such a high at the end I couldn't believe how depressed I'd been all week! It really put everything into perspective.

Sometimes we put so much pressure ourselves, we leave no room for failure.
This new teaching post is such a big deal to me, it's a huge step up from my last job that I was terrified of getting it wrong.

Everyday I would turn up in the office and think "Will this be the day they figure out I'm a phoney?"

I was letting my anxiety about teaching get the better of me, and looking back it really wasn't such a big disaster in the first lesson. All I'd done was finish early! Most students would probably be thrilled!!

So today's post is to gaining perspective and being proud of achievements. Standing up in front of that class for the first time was huge for my career, but more importantly for my confidence!
I'm pretty proud that 2015 seems to be off to a much better start than I thought. I look forward to the challenges the rest of the year has for me!

Whatever you weeks been like I hope for you too there's been something you can look back at and think "you know,  I'm actually sorta proud of that!"


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