A Date with some Ducklings

Today was a Monday. A day at the beginning of every week put aside for putting plans into actions and games into play.

Little did I know there was already a game in play - and it was in my back garden.

There I was sitting in my kitchen, eyeing the 5 minutes left before I had to head out and glancing out at the sunshine while I sipped my cooling tea.
As I gazed around the garden I noticed the fuzzy pile of fluff sitting in the middle of the grass acting very inconspicuous, or not as it was drawing the attention of several of the neighbourhood cats, and sure enough the pile of fluff started to move quickly across the garden.

(I'm afraid I was too busy scaring of cats to stop and get the camera out - but you know, priorities!)
Quickly realising that the pile of fluff in fact had lots of little orange tipped beaks I ran out to ward off the cats, and was soon surrounded by running ducklings are they dashed around in little paddles. Watching them throw themselves up the stairs was just precious but when they finally made it and 'plopped' themselves into the pond everything seems to calm down. I did find two more stays which I herded in the direction of their brothers and sisters, and a dazed looking duckling which had decided to sit down on the road, which i quickly scooped up.

The rest of my morning was spent on the phone with the RSPCA and the Vet who kindly came and collected them.

Little did I know the adventures would continue, when during a driving lesson I spotted Mum and two more ducklings wandering across a nearby field. So after alerting the Vet to their trajectory and finishing my lesson, I headed to the Park Avenue behind, and was pleased to find Mum and all her little ones swimming together with some kind herding from the Veterinary team.
I'm sure they have a way to go before they safely make there way into fully fledged duck-hood but it was so lovely to giving them a helping hand on the way.

What an unexpected and exciting start to my week - if only every day was as fun. Lets have our fingers crossed they make it home!


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