Lately... life's been full of adventure! #2


This week has been full of unexpected adventures.

From feathered friends to long lost friends here are the things that brought me joy:

Duckling adventures. I have the pleasure of meeting 8 lovely ducklings and learnt that of all the names for 'groups' of ducklings there is one that calls them "a paddle of ducklings" which I thought was just the sweetest of phrases.
If you'd like to know more about my little encounter I wrote about it earlier in the week - here.

I've also been in contact with a few long lost uni friends which has been great and of late we've made extra effort to meet up so when I had an impromptu invitation to wander up to Newtown it was a very pleasant addition to my week.
The weather has just been gorgeous, so following a stunning train ride, and a good ol' catch up we took a short motor bike ride around the Welsh country before heading back home.

I've also really enjoyed taking guitar classes this week and find the progress I'm making really motivating. I've been writing songs that I actually feel hold some promise and generally just enjoying incorporating so much music into my daily routine.

The garden has been really flourishing lately too so I've loved bringing in the harvest and cooking - very satisfying!

Home grown mint!
I've also seen lots of family to make preparations for our holiday coming up next week. We've booked a country cottage for the entire week to meet up with our relatives from New Zealand and get some time away from technology which will be beyond blissful. So that's kept my week busy all week setting up a blogging schedule while I'm away (productivity!).
I'm not trying to blog Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday so be sure to find me on bloglovin' to catch all of next week which is up and ready to go!

Don't worry I'll still be on twitter so be sure to follow me over there to find out what we get up to.
It's going to be a great week can't wait to tell you all about it.
Bye for now!

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