Lately...Life's been tranquil #3

Hello folks, it's another weekly post.

So we're a few hours late but if you follow me on twitter you will know that I've been away on a short break in New Forest with my family, so a little late is okay!

It's been so nice to get away from technology for a few days, and get back to nature.

The week has been filled with outdoorsy activity, forest exploring, and family catch ups.

I somehow managed to rescue another animal - that's two in as many weeks. I'm a regular David Attenborough!

This time she was a very poorly little Hedgehog. After findings her lying flat on the pavement and contacting a local hedgehog sanctuary she got bundled up and taken to be cared for. Don't worry they are taking her back when she's good and well again!

Having spoken with the rescue centre since it turns out she was very sick. She was super skinny with lots of nasty parasites and dehydrated from the summer heat we've been having, but the good news is she has a fight ahead of her but she's doing really well. Fingers crossed she'll be back out in the country in no time.

Stay tuned for my Travel Diaries soon to find out exactly what we got up to.

I'm off to unpack so I hope you've had a lovely week. In the comments below let me what your holiday plans are this summer.

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