My Yarn craft non-essentials!

I've seen this tag going around on YouTube in the crafting community so I thought I'd put my hand in and show you some of my yarn craft 'essential' non-essentials!

Of course we have our true essentials that you really can't do without:

Knitting needles
A Crochet hook
Tape Measure

But then we have the non-essentials. These are things I always carry no matter what and get used all the time:

Counter are so useful, especially on big projects and they can save so much time that would usually be used going back and re-counting for the upteenth time how much you've done. It can be so easy to lose count of convince yourself you did 100 rows when you've only done 99 - Life saver!

I also forgot my needle covers were in here too. I don't use these as often as everything else, but they are great when you're working with a lot of stitches or if you're travelling, just pop your project in your bag and your off with no worries of stitches falling off.

(look at the size of them!)

Giant Safety Pins
These I just cannot knit without! They are so useful for carrying stitch markers, smaller safety pins and other bits and bobs. But they are especially great if you spot a dropped stitch you want to come back to later, for saving stitches for a different pattern, or for stitches you'll re-join at a later date. A lot of patterns might recommend putting stitches onto a loop of spare yarn, or onto another needle e.g. double pointed needle, but safety pins just make everything easier, and you know those stitches are going nowhere until you need them.

Clover PomPom makers
These are a very new addition to the collection, you might have seen my post on these recently. I have no idea how I've gone so long without them. They have revolutionised my previously sorry looking pompoms into pompom kings and queens. I now have the longest list of pompom inspired crafts to do, and they are so easy to whip up!

(Let me know in the comments if you'd like to see a tutorial).

A spool is another one I am using all the time. Although I like to knit the traditional way I also love to loom knitting, and have really enjoyed experimenting with different shapes, sizes and patterns. The Spool loom is one I always carry around, its great for making embellishments or accessories, and has a whole range of other uses. I've made quite a few pieces with spools on my Etsy store.

Needle Ruler
Another handy-dandy tool. This one doesn't always travel with me but always gets used. I tried where I can to buy vintage or second hand needles, but that means the sizing might be in US or UK sizing, so this is a quick and simple way to make sure i'm working with the right size needle. It also has that nifty little ruler at the size which is great for inromptu measurements that don't need me to go hunt for that tape measure I keep losing!

Spare Yarn
Its always useful to have a little spare yarn in a bright colour on hand. If you're not carry stitch markers a quick loop in another colour can come in really handy, and takes up no space at all.
(Music is always a non-essential too. This just arrived, so excited!)

And last but not least a brush! I forgot to take a photo of this but I always carry a small powder brush in my knitting bag. If you've ever worked with yarn you'll know that little bits of fluff end up getting everywhere, especially when giving those pompoms a hair cut! Having a powder brush on hand is just a really quick and easy way to clean up all those loose strands and avoid getting that I was slept on my a purple cat look.

Knitting goals
Although I don't have one, something I've seen a few experienced knitters with is a ball winder. I wind everything by hand at the moment but the envy monster has got me again, so thats definitely going to be the next thing to make it into my collection.

So there you have it my yarn craft non-essentials.
If you're a crafter let me know what item you can never go without.

Thanks for stopping by!

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