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Do you have any hidden talents? A hobby you loved to do and takes up all your time? Have you ever thought of holding a workshop but have no ideas where to start?

Well just last week I was in the same situation and hopefully the research I've done can encourage you to take the plunge too.

The good news is you have the skill already so thats a big part of the work done. Always go with a craft that you've done time and time again. That way you'll know it inside out, you will have likely tried and test several methods, and will know how to overcome any challenges that might present in the workshop.

Now you've got an idea of what you'll be doing, you also want to time it to make sure you can fit it into a reasonable time slot, but also that any complete beginners will still be able to complete it before the time is up. A good timescale is around 1.5 - 2 hours.

Before you getting carried away planning, buying supplies and booking venues, ask around. Put your idea on some local forums, see how people respond. Do they love the idea? Would they be interested in crafts but a different activity? Do they love the activity but think its too complicated? Is it in there price range?

Then once you've got a good idea of what your customer wants do some research into other local crafts. Get an idea for whats already available, how to fill a gap and the current going rates for attending a workshop. This is also a really useful way to get an idea on how you'll then design posters and publish your event.

So you've not got an idea, shown interest, and a good idea of your niche and the going price for workshops in your area.

Now you can start your planning.
You're going to need to purchase sufficient supplies, book a venue, prepare posters and a webpage with a registration form, make sure your covered by insurance, and start to get the word out!

There's a lot of work involved to start but once you've got the tools and the know-how running workshops is going to come quicker and easier with every event you do.

Most importantly persevere and don't get disheartened if your first one doesn't quite go to plan. 

I hope this was useful and if you have any questions please feel free to leave them in the comments!

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