Travel Diaries: Lost in the Forest


Its 7am, you've gone for a jog in the forest and just 10 minutes in you've come to the realisation that all that couch time this year has seriously caught up on you, jogging right now is not an option.
You decide to tell the group to go own because you know the way back. So when you decided to carry on walking a little while...what were you thinking?

So that was how I started my adventures in New Forest, lost among the trees, with no phone, no food, oh and it was raining!

But no, although I won't deny the panic that was slowly rising boy was it beautiful.
When I was a child I spent a lot of summers in the forest, and it had been a long time since I could remember walking through such high reaching trees so it was still magical (even with the panic).
You'll be pleased to know, I made it back. Turn out the path I ended up on was just the other side of the wall to our cottage (phew).

If you've ever been to New Forest you'll know how full of wildlife is it. We were lucky enough to have a beautiful secluded cottage, home to rabbits, squirrels, wood peckers, snakes (not everyone's friend) and even a herd of roaming deer!

While in the forest we explored the local villages, cycled, kayaked, got lost looking for the archery site, had lots of tea and cake, enjoyed the countryside in relaxation, and introduced ourselves to some of the locals.

New Forest is definitely a great place to get outdoors and try some fun activities, but actually our primary goal was family. For just 5 days, New Zealand and Wales met in a little English cottage to reunite, share stories and enjoy each others company.
That was the most special part of the journey.

This break I've made some very special memories I hope to never forget.
Still, even though I love to explore there's something really exciting about the lead up to starting new projects, making plans and seeing progress so I'm really pleased to be home too, and onto my next adventure.

Do you have travel plans this year?

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