Lately... cats have been my main priority


So if you read last weeks lately (you can read that here!) you'll know I went away.

For the last week I've set up home in the London suburbs with  the company of two beautiful black cats.
I've been house sitting.

When I was a child my mother took me to London. I remember very little, Madame Tussuad's, a giant turtle and my first Egyptian mummy are my only visual memories but what I recall the most was excitement and the thirsty eyes of a child exploring new cultures and peoples.

With that in mind I was thrilled to get the opportunity again to revisit those memories and spend a week in London with nothing but my thoughts and an oyster card.

I wonder if your typical tourist would be embarrassed by my sight seeing attempts, I didn't plan an itinerary or catch a tour bus. I didn't even see many sights, but what I did do was explore on foot much of the city, catching views of green open parks and stunning architecture from every era.

Each day I set out mid-morning after some quality time with the cats, a relaxed (if competitive, thank you cats) breakfast, and a chapter or two. I had but one goal in mind, to see things I've not seen before and I can say with confidence that goal I accomplished.

It was an experience to be had, and when all was done I was back to my housesit to the adoring affection of two whiskered friends, who gave me a run for my money I can tell you (more on that in my Travel diaries!).
I've forgotten the pleasures of a feline companion, and it was a real treat.

The thing I love about cats is how caring but independent they are. They will ask for affection but only when they feel like it, and if you don't have the energy right now they won't whine or sulk they have other things to get on with. They sometimes demand attention but they don't 'need' it. They have minds and personalities of their own. They remind me of what humans might be like if they were more honest with each other.
Yes I like cats, so I really enjoyed caring for them this week and look forward to the next housesit.

The next week will be a busy one and hopefully a very productive one.
Now I'm home and I've had time to reflect on my week I can see the timeout has given me some spring back in my step, so lets not waste it!

How's your week been?

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