Lately...I'm always smiling

When the week starts you never really know how it will unfold. I thrive on that sense of opportunity, of the unknown and the chance of something new.

This summer has flown by in a flash (can you believe kids are back in school in just a week?), so I was unsurprised to lose track of the days, but when I had the unanticipated visit from family my week became one jam packed with happiness and adventure.


I've had a house of 6 and among the chaos and the mess has been hours of laughter, silly dances, jokes, stories and quality time.

Highlights of my week have been ice creams on the beach, failed attempts at snooker, a steam train ride to a hidden fish and chips shop in the welsh country forest, home cooked meals, drinks and merriment, and with still have another week to go!

I find it hard to take my mind off work, duties and goals but I've really been able to let go of all that and I'm so thankful.

I feel so lucky to have such special people in my life. Although they can't all be here, my family is my life.

What's brought you happiness this week?

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