When it rains


I've never really understood why people hate the rain so much. Sure like most, if I have a meeting I don't want to turn up looking like a drowned rat, or if my hair will have its way a modern day bride of Frankenstein.

But when I've no place to be nothing beats the rain.

The sounds of rain hitting the leafy canopy or the paved street, watching the puddles fill and the birds preening themselves by the pond...the whole experience fills me with a sense of excitement, like something is coming.

Like opportunity is on the horizon.

Sitting here on my back step, with the door open wide, a cuppa on the side and only my guitar for company, I can't help but feel almost a thrill.

The world is full of amazing things, and I like that mother nature reminds us of that.
I'm eager to see what inspiration she brings.

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