Cluttered house cluttered mind


Working from home can be really appealing, we’ve heard it said time and time again. But even the most organised of people can lose there motivation and focus when your forever surrounded by your personal life. The lines between work and self can merge to a point of burn out.

When I start to feel myself losing steam I like to take things back to the beginning, take a breath and start again so to speak.

The best fail-safe method I’ve found for clearing my head and getting motivated again is clearing my house.

As they always say:

“A cluttered house is a cluttered mind”

Sometimes I like to start by choosing a room that is so far away from my work area I can really get out of that head space and focus on other things for a time, but it can also be really useful to take the opposite approach starting with you work space and clearing out all the garbage and niknaks that draw focus and really shouldn’t be there.

For the past few weeks I’ve been using this technique on a regular basis to keep focus but also take time out, and the whole house has had some attention. I’ve got inventive with food that needed eating, creative with things I just couldn’t face parting with (up-cycling) and just got rid of a whole lot of stuff.

It’s such an uplifting feeling to downsize, your truly to clear head space when you clear your physical space, and the real bonus I’ve found is that its also discouraged me from being such a consumer.

When I walk through town and see that new note book, another skin care product, a book, a top, that desire to splurge has disappeared so quickly, either because I’m enjoying my new found space too much or because I’ve come across some things I completely forgot I had and I’m dying to try first.

And the only times I’ve bought things are to put those final finishing touches on new spaces, that really give them (or me) a sense of identity and home.

The green conscious person in me absolutely hates waste, so in the past I’ve found myself holding on to every little thing, and finding it impossible to part with anything. But it’s been really invigorating to clear out without actually throwing anything away. Everything that’s gone has either been sold, passed on, up-cycled or donated to charity, and the clear space has done wonders for my mind. 

I promise the reward of downsizing is infectious, once you start you’ll not want to stop! Just be careful you don’t come home and realise you have to sleep on the floor because you threw out the bed (unless that was your aim! I’m not judging!)

Do you find yourself hoarding every little thing (even that nail varnish that really stopped working two years ago? Guilty!) , or are you a minimalist in your prime? Let me know in the comments, and pass on your tips if you have any!


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