Lately...I feel more on my way

Good Sunday to you!

I hope you've been having a good week, and enjoying the last rays of summer (can I still call it that?).
Now though its Sunday, so grab yourself a cuppa, put up those feet and lets have a good old catch up.

If you stopped by last week you'll know I've been making some transitions (and if you don't know go have a read... don't worry I'll wait).

I've taken some time away from the craft shop to dedicate more of myself to my two passions - Music and performance.

I say performance because I have so much passion for so many art forms I don't want to box myself into any one. This week I made a brave decision and applied for a drama bursary. Its quite a unique bursary in that its especially for late bloomers. People who've never attended drama school, and might have not realised their aspirations until later in life. So who knows. I know the competition with be plentiful and from a wide range of backgrounds, but in a way we're all starting from the same place so everyone has a chance.
I really don't know how I'll do but I'm proud to have tried, and I know this is only the beginning of many more brave steps to come.

I also mentioned a little something called a driving test I might have had this week?
Well... I passed!!! (only 10+ years overdue!)
I'm so so happy, on one level I feel like a confident driver, but I still can't quite believe that I could head out on the road unsupervised now! Madness.
I'm thinking of going for my Pass Plus now as well for some extra experience and to build my confidence.
If you've ever taken it would you leave a comment and let me know about your experience?

And the rest of my week? It's been filled with books, nature, home decorating and lots and lots of music.

Oh! Looks like my breads ready to come out of the oven better go!
So how's your week turned out? Let me know in the comments.

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