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Since my "real job" ended 5 months ago, I've kept myself busy with any number of activities.

I'm a lady of many passions, so although I'd intended to take some time out in true me style I've quickly managed to fill the last 5 months with all sorts of new adventures.

All of them have been great experiences but I did come to the realisation (you can read that in last weeks post) that not all of them were what I wanted to be my full-time interests. So this week it's been great to put them aside and take time to do...well nothing, it would seem!

No, I've been busy as always, but I'm mostly focused on getting back in touch with myself and starting a fresh which has been really uplifting.

I've still been crafting, but it's no longer my main focus and I've really invested a lot of my time into myself - clearing out my house and my mind, getting in touch with my other creative passions and spending as much time as I can with no technology, no distractions - just me, myself and I.

My brother has also been in Indonesia for a few months and has experienced first hand some of the very really dangers of the droughts and the forest fires out there, so I was relieved to hear he'd been safely evacuated and is now spending a few days with me. In this moment I truly feel very lucky.

 Life feels good.

I'm being strict on myself and I'm purposely making sure I keep my diary as free as possible - I'm really excited for where life will take me next.
Its so important to take time out to focus on yourself when you can, so if you notice you might not have had much me time recently, maybe try and fit some in this week?

As always I hope you've been having a great week and if you haven't I hope you find the time for some well needed you time.

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