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When I spoke out to the blogger community about my interest in getting passed the small talk and really getting to know each other (which can be pretty difficult on social media) I had a great reception.

Quite a few of you contacted me (on twitter ironically) saying how much you too felt the same. I was so comforted to know there are other people out there with the same struggles in really connecting online, but I was also inspired to try and see if I can do anything to make this community one that we are more able to connect and make closer friendships.

With that in mind I've teamed up with a lovely illustrator - Sarah Lovell Art (You may have seen her work on here before, I'm a bit of a fan!) to trial run a blogger snail mail group.

If you'd like to join in please do! Let's spread the word, share the post and help us all connect online and offline!

To get things rolling I'll happily start things off. I've got a selection of these beautiful Christmas cards* from Sarah Lovell I'll be sending out (These are a pack of six cards including three unique illustrations by Sarah. If you'd like to get your hands on some you can find them here)

If you'd like to get better acquainted leave a comment below and I'll send one your way. I'm hoping you'll want to join in and send out your own letters or cards too (of course I'd be super happy to receive one but I'm hoping we can get a group of us together and you can send out a few)!

The first snail mail will be going out in time for Christmas so it gives you plenty to talk about and an extra surprise for Christmas Day. (although if you don't celebrate please still join in just let me know so we can all be considerate when sending out our snail mail).

If there's enough of us I'll try to connect up like minded people and we can start a little community.

I love technology but nothing can beat an old fashioned letter in the post. You can share so much more than you can online, and you also get the added bonus of anticipation and a little giddy leap of excitement when your letter arrives in the post.

In the coming weeks I'll put together a group page on the blog, so you'll be able to see a list of all the community members and can get in contact with more people if you like.  Then, for those who'd like to join in but aren't sure what you'll write about I'll to put together a sort of "form" on the page so you can fill in the gaps so to speak, and get you going.

(I'll also put together a little rule book so no one gets offended or in trouble - Safety first and all!)

I really hope we can get to know each other better! If you'd like to join in leave a comment below with a social media contact or e-mail and I'll start my letters and get to putting you all in contact! Please share this with as many people as you can too to help spread the word and get more of us talking.

I can't wait!

p.s. to join in for the first Christmas snail mail group please let me know before 15th Dec so everyone still has a couple of days to send out their letters, last 2nd class post is 19th Dec!

UPDATE: For the full details of how to get involved and how to sign up, I've just posted all the details here.

*Items have been gifted to me (marked with *). All views and opinions are my own.

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  1. This is a brilliant idea! Such a refreshing change for the holidays.

    1. Thanks! I really just wanted to try something different, feel free to join in if you'd like! x

  2. I love this idea. I do really miss receiving letters in the mail back when I had pen-pals! But, I'm guessing this is only for people in the UK? Or is it going to be international?


    1. I'm exactly the same. I got so excited when I received letter from friends abroad when I was a kid.

      I'd love this to be international so as of Jan it will definitely be a worldwide thing but for Christmas is depends on your part of the world. Where are you?


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