Lately I'm a bit off schedule

This blog is becoming a place I take pride in. As I develop my writing style and my little corner of the internet, I'm feeling more confident to share myself, and taking greater pride in the content I create and the collaborations I make. There are always places to improve but in general I'm seeing progress that brings me great joy.

This week wasn't quite one of those weeks. I've had things come up that have taken my focus and time away, which has meant I've left the blog a little bare for the last few days. Not something I'd planned for but something that sometimes happens to us all (well most of us).


As many of you know from reading my Introvert on the Internet post a few weeks ago (click me to read), socialising zaps my resources and this week has been filled with just that. The first two days I was surprised by the presence of two lovely people come to visit and stay with me. The next day brought three more surprise visitors (of course everyone knew what was happening except me!) and we can't forget I've also had the daily visits I receive from my Dad who likes to come round for a cuppa and a chat about his day. So for an entire week Ive had a house of 7 (poof!).

It's been wonderful to share such beautiful (if chaotic) time with the people I hold dearest but I can't deny my social fuse died on Monday and all life has been lagging since.

In the past I might have been a bit hard on myself but I shan't this weekend. I want to look back on times such as this with fond memories, so I'm being kind on myself and not worrying about the work that's lagging behind. I hope you'll not mind either and know I'll be back up and running next week (tomorrow if all goes to plan!).

Thank you for being so patient, and as always I hope you're happy and healthy and you'll hear from me very soon! xxx

p.s. If you read this far leave me a comment - tell me something lovely you did/eat/heard/saw/thought that brought you some sunshine, I'd love a happy boost!

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