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This Sunday I was going to share with you my relaxing week of time out and reflection but with recent events in Paris I just didn't feel it would be appropriate. Instead I might share this week in a double-up next Sunday.

Instead I thought I'd pass on my condolences for those who've been caught up in those tragic events, and for all those loved ones mourning their loss.

I can't imagine what those involved went through and only hope a feeling of safety can be restored to those still in Paris.

I also want to take the opportunity though to send thoughts out to those who are experiences similar events on a daily basis all around the world. I'm only too aware of the limited coverage we receive of world events, and with no intention of diminishing those tragic events in Paris, would only wish to highlight the reality that these things are happening everyday elsewhere.
My thoughts go out to them all, wherever in the world they may be and I hope you can join me in that.

I feel so fortunate to have lived the life I have, regardless of other events that may have been challenging or even life changing, but I'm so thankful that I do not live in fear.

I'll leave this weekends post there, and hope that whatever your Sunday's bring, I hope you are safe, that something might bring you joy today but that you might take a moment to think of those experiencing these tragedies everyday too.


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