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How time flies! Earlier this year I ventured into new British territory. Know well throughout the world but totally new soil for my feet, I packed my bags and sent myself off the live the London life for a week.

If you read my post at the time, you’ll know I found a housesitting job while I was there and enjoyed the fuzzy company of two adorable cats.

But today what I wanted to really share with you was the sight and sounds of London that were most memorably to me.

When I visit new places I like to walk. Nothing will immerse you more in the life and culture of any place than walking the streets, rubbing shoulders with its people and of course surrounding yourself with the art, music and food of the city.

Looking through my photos I was hoping to show you more of my journey, but obviously I'd been too engrossed in enjoying the sites to take so many photos, but I think these still show you a little about me and the places I tend to gravitate towards. Nature, Knowledge, and history...

So here’s a look back to London through my eyes.

A true sign of my terrible sense of humour, but I just loved this rebellious pigeon at the British Museum.

Have you ever been to London and do you have favourite places? What spaces to you find yourself gravitating towards when you travel?


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