Travel Diaries: Remembering San Francisco



Warning lots of photos! (I'm terrible at whittling them down. Trust me there were so many more!)

Welcome to another Travel Diaries. Over the last year you've seen some of more local travels but it's been a long time since I crossed the seas.

If you've been following me long enough you'll know that this time last year I had just returned from a two month trip to America. While I was there I travelled to just a few major cities, saw some beautiful sites and reunited with old friends. The last time you heard from me was in Eureka Springs, Arkansas on my way to the sunny beaches of California.

So to finally share with you the last month of my trip that's where we'll start. While in California I visits quite a few places, all very unique in there own right and first on my list was San Francisco.

When I first landed in California I flew into LAX but within just a few short days I heard from someone I'd met earlier in New York and we decided to head up to San Francisco for a few days of reunion and exploration. Travelling by greyhound we got into San Francisco at 6am (pretty exhausted too!) but we were met by the nicest guy who let us stay with him and his dog through Air BnB (If you're thinking of trying Air BnB for your next travels, you can get £13 credit with this link). Despite the time he got up and took us straight for breakfast at the nicest place. I didn't believe him when he said how popular it was but by the time we left (only an hour later) the queue was out the door and right round the corner!

The view from you Air Bnb

And so our short trip began. After a quick power nap we were out the door and off to explore the street of San Francisco. In our short trip we witnessed stunning weddings, artists fairs, explored nostalgic museums.

Finishing day one with fancy hot chocolate on the

Windy weather never makes for the most glamorous photos. Its was freeeeezing!

Of course we also immersed ourselves in the local culture, tried the local fish straight off the docks, took a boat ride past Alcatraz Island and of course walked the famous Golden Gate bridge.

Pink lemonade - pretty much the only American cold drink I can stomach!

On our final day it turned out I'd made a mistake with my booking so with my friend finally on his way back home to Australia, I had one more day to myself before I moved on to explore more of California.

I decided to explore the final famous region of San Francisco we'd not had the chance to see. China town. I'm so glad for that final day, exploring the maze of streets and rows of Chinese traditional stores was such a great adventure. I was able to hitch a ride on the tram to get myself there and also stumbled across this beautiful Church - Grace Church built in 1860.

Not only was the building stunning but inside was the most beautiful art exhibition. Each hanging string representing the wishes and prayers of a child.

I loved my time in San Francisco and my only regret was that the adventure was so short. I hope to return to America very soon and I know another visit will be on my list.

It's been so nice to revisit my travels to America and over the next few weeks I'll share the final few weeks of my journey. I'd love to know, in the comments have you ever been to San Francisco and if so what is your favourite memory? If not, is there anywhere you've always wanted travel to?

The hidden beach of San Francisco! Who knew?!

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  1. This is so lovely. I really need to visit the west coast.

    1. Thanks Rosa! I'm going back to the States this Autumn and I'm hoping I make it west again, it's just an amazing place. I'd really recommend a visit.

  2. Sounds absolutely incredible! Love all your photographs too. I'd love to visit San Francisco at some point :)


    1. Thanks Violet, it's really so different to other parts of California too, it's a special place. It should definitely go on the list :) x


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