Knitted Mug Cosies

It feels like a while since we’ve done a craft post so here ya go its a wintry one!

If you’re a fellow tea drinker you’ll know there’s a science to the perfect cuppa.

The brewing time can’t be too short or too long, the milk needs to be a specific temperature and added and just the right moment, and one sugar or two well that’s an essential question for the perfect brew.

So after it’s all done, and we finally get to enjoy it temperature is vital! It can’t be too hot because you don’t want to burn yourself, but just minutes after that perfect point it’s lost its yum and you drink it more out of duty than pleasure.

So this year I've decided to take up some simple craft projects and make a few mug cosies.
I don’t know why I’ve not made these sooner, but they'll be accompanying every teatime from now on. Goodbye cold tea, hello perfect brew!

I love finding new knits that are simple but practical, and I’m really enjoying experimenting with different patterns and yarns.

For these I’ve used a 100% cotton worsted bulky yarn, and Chunky wooden toggles so they can easily be slipped off and wrapped around any mug I fancy.

I’ve also made a few of these to pop in the shop with mugs to match.

If you’d like to get your hand on one you can find them here in three different colours very soon.

I hope you’re having a super day and I’ll speak to you soon!

p.s. sorry for the less than amazing photos. I'm currently perched on crutches but trying my best, hopefully they'll get better as I get the hang of this!

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  1. Love these! They would make perfect gifts for Christmas. I've pinned to my crafting board and will also add to my Holidays board too. Thanks for sharing Thea, hugs x

    1. Oh that's great thanks for pinning to your boards Rosie! Glad you like them x


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