Green fingers


Nothing completes a space like greenery.

Over the past few years I've been gradually making changes in my home surroundings to improve my space and create a safe haven where I can clear my thoughts, feel at home and focus on work when I need to.

One of my favourite changes was the simples - inviting more greenery into my home. I'm definitely not the best carer of plants, but finding greenery that needs minimal maintenance has added so much to my little space that I really love being at home.

I've caught the bug and recently been trying to see how well I can't take cuttings and "waste" greens and keep them thriving so I can keep adding to the plants in my house completely free!

I have quite a few still on the go, but these three look like they're ready to plant so I've gone out into the garden, collected some compost - almost nothing goes to waste in this home - and I've planted out my baby basil, pineapple plant and arrow vine (I think that's what it's called, don't hold me to it!).

All of these have grown from sister plants, the basil was a cutting, the pineapple was in my groceries and after eating I put the top in some water and rooted it, and the arrow vine was accidentally snapped off another so I rooted that too! All of them were completely free and I encourage you to do the same too! You'll be amazed how many unwanted grocery stems and leaves you would normally throw away can be replanted and grown into new plants!

If you'd like a post on what you can grow for free from grocery cuttings let me know!

I'm especially proud of my pineapple as I wasn't sure if he'd take to rooting as it was my first try and it was looking a little worse for wear but I'm really pleased!

I can't wait to get stuck into planting this spring. Does the Spring inspire you to get in the garden, or fill your house with plants and flowers? Let me know in the comments, you favourite things about spring, and if you have any suggestions for cuttings let me know!

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  1. My mum loves the idea of adding greenery, but she can't keep any of her plants alive (and I'm not much use either haha) x

    1. haha I know I'm terrible too. I always have to choose plants that can survive if I forget them, took me forever to get into a good watering routine but it's worth it when you get round to it! x


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