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I wouldn’t call myself a Disney addict. I have fond memories of films from my childhood and even some I love but I don't often get really into the hype around Disney as much as someone could. Still, I decided to do this post anyway to share some of my favourites.

I’m really a fan of all childhood stories. Film has always spoken to me. Since the first time I saw the anime film Laputa, I've been mesmerized by the world of moving pictures. From black and white to 3D, so many stories and fairy tales shown through films have spoken to me and still do today. So there are lots of other films that are just as treasured to me as some of the Disney classics but for today those are the ones I'm going to share.

I’ve quickly realised when going through my collection today that actually there are lots of Disney moves that I love for different reasons (and many I'm yet to own) but the ones that stand out the most are the ones I think I related to the most as I was growing up. I was quite a mixed up child with lots of emotions, lots of social struggles and there were just some Disney films that tugged at those heart strings and became not only treasured movies but really affected my young self. Even watching them today they bring up old memories and the same powerful emotions I experienced watching them for the first time. I’m pretty sure there’s lots of people out there who can vouch for the therapeutic qualities of a good ol’ Disney marathon!

So here’s some of the Disney movies that touch me the most:

Beauty and the Beast
The Hunchback of Notre Dame

I think you can see a running theme here.

Of them all Beauty and the Beast reigns supreme. Belle will always be my favourite Disney princess. Her story can resonate with so many of us. Her cherished relationship with her father, her need to find more in life, he refusal to fit into the societal norm, her intelligence, sacrifice, her innocence, and genuine kindness. She is just a wonderful character and her story even more so.

In all these movies the protagonist is fighting societal expectations, and despite limitations or hardship they’re all kind hearted, misunderstood, gentle souls with paths to follow and passions to pursue.

I remember feeling such empathy for all of them, I wanted to take away their pain. I was pretty sure I knew that feeling and just didn’t want others to experience it. I’ll always cherish those memories, because every time I watched one they filled me with a sense of hope. I don’t want to get too deep on Disney haha, but those will always be the Disney movies that effect me the most.

So tell me – If you had to choose a Disney movie that tugs at your heart strings more than any other, what would it be and why? I'd love to know!

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  1. My favourite has to be Mulan!! I love a a strong protagonist who overcomes all obstacles to reach her aim. Finding Nemo is also one of my faves. Spirit tugs at my heart strings too. I could go on all day, haha. Love Disney films!
    Laila xo

    1. Oh definitely, great choices! Mulan nearly made it into my list too, not sure why she didn't now! I cry in every song!!


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