Twice-baked spongecake biscuits!


Earlier this week I made a simple sponge cake to satisfy my cravings for something sweet, but after sharing a few slices with something over a cup of tea, I put it aside and completely forgot!

I know - It's a crime against cake, but truth be told I'm more or a savoury girl.

Well anyway it came to the end of the week and I realised I still have this big slab of cake left on the side that had now gone stale but I hate, hate, hate waste so I tried to think of other things I could do with it. There had to be something.

I racked my brain and here's a few of the things I remember being told in the past that will soften it back up.

Pop it in the microwave

Have it with warm custard or cream
Swap it for the bread in your bread and butter pudding and make a sweet dessert

Well all those things seemed like a great idea, but then I was reminded that the French word "biscuit" actually means twice baked - which got me wondering whether I could try and make it into sweet biscuits?

Having tried it I can tell you yes! - Yes you can! So here's my super quick steps to making twice-baked spongecake biscuits so you can try it yourself.

You're going to need:

Whatever stale cake you have lying around (I think this would be brilliant with chocolate cake!)

Demerara sugar
A little olive oil (in a spray if you can)
Oven set to gas mark 5 / 190°C

Cut your cake into slices around half a centimetre thick and space them evenly onto a baking tray.

Using a spray bottle if you have one, add a very light layer of olive oil over your biscuits and sprinkle Demerara evenly over each of them.

Tip: Using a spray bottle is really great if you only want a very light amount of oil in your cooking. You can get Oil sprays in the supermarket, or you can easily pick up a spray bottle from somewhere like Poundland. I've been re-using a used up vegetable oil spray bottle, but simply replaced the oil with olive oil and it works great.

Pop them in the oven for about 4-5 minutes, or until golden, flip them all over and repeat again on the other side. Keep an eye on them, They should go a golden colour, but you might have to redistribute if they colour unevenly.

When you take them out them will still feel a little soft but leave them to cool for 10 minutes or so and they'll quickly crisp up into perfect little biscuits.

And you're done! Enjoy with a nice cup of tea, or dress them up in a little straw basket and surprise your friends with a homemade treat.

You could get really experimental with this quick stale cake fix. Try out different cakes, and topping. A dusting of cinnamon, crushed pistachios or a brush of honey sounds amazing. You could even dip them in chocolate, or try savoury flavours.

If you try these, or any other toppings let me know I'd love to hear how you get on!

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  1. Ooh I am wanting some right now - I grew up on dipping them in tea! I believe this is also called cake rusk? I have never tried making it myself, always bought them from my local South Asian store, so I do wonder what they'd taste like 'fresh' at home.

    Maira @

    1. I might be biased but I think they taste pretty great fresh! :) I've not heard them called Cake rusks before though thanks Maira!

  2. oooh this is a great idea! I'll try and remember this next time a bake a cake, the biscuits look delicious <3

    1. Thanks Lauren, I don't bake a cake without doing this now! It's absolutely worth a try!

  3. Oooo these look really tasty and this is such a clever way to use up stale cake! My family isn't huge on cakes so whenever we get one it usually will go to waste so this is an awesome alternative :)

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    1. Glad you like it! I love cake but I just always seem to forget I have it until it's too late, so I was so chuffed when this worked out! Fingers crossed this means you just get extra helpings! :)


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