Boat Life

My boating life is not one of glamour and glitz. You won't find me cruising off shore, sunbathing on the deck or throwing back champagne flutes.

No. When I think of sailing I think of muddy boots, strong waves and the boating tipping so far my heart races, moving my hands through the icy cold water, feeling the spray hit my face and a lot of hard work.

Every Spring as the weather begins to warm we head into the harbour to see what damage the Winter has brought and start to bring the boat up to scratch ready for Summer sailing.

She's not anything fancy but I love her none-the-less and the childhood memories will always bring me happiness..

Especially that one when I straddle two boats...and they decided to move apart (despite my desperate attempts to stop them)...and well you can imagine what happened next! Lets just say I should have been on "You've been framed". Magically I managed to save my upper half from the water, somehow!

Well this Winter was especially vicious. We had storm after storm and although the harbour is a little sheltered she took a real beating. We've got a lot of work to do but I'm enjoying the process.

Last week we started making progress -  we began to clean her up and order in supplies for repairs. It's been really nice to get outdoors and helping my Dad brings me a lot of joy. He wouldn't have the courage to go out on his own anymore, but I'm really glad that while I'm still living nearby I can be there to support him and help him enjoy a fond pastime.

That was also the first day I braved it and tried my hand at vlogging for the first time! It was actually a really fun experience and surprisingly more natural than you would think.

You can find out a little about my first vlog here

Since then I've also done a few more - one has gone live today, and the other will be up next week.

So far this season I've made it out onto the boat 5 times to fix this or clean that but she's nearly ready to sail and I can't wait to get out there. If you'd like to see a vlog next time I'm out let me know in the comments and I'll try t remember to take you with me!

So have you ever been sailing, or would you like to?

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  1. I would LOVE to go sailing. It's awesome that you have a boat! I've been getting more outdoorsy since moving from the city to the suburbs by the sea so would love to give sailing a try :) xx

    Effi |

    1. It's a family boat, so I can't take all the credit for that :) but it is great, really freeing but also quite physically taxing which I like, just rewarding on all levels really!

      You should definitely give it a go if you get a chance. Most seaside towns have a boating club you can go along with no experience and have a go. It's not expensive. Good luck with your outdoorsy adventures! :) x


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