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Well... cutting right to the point. TheasThinkings is now on Youtube!

Now my mobilities really moving in leaps and bounds, I thought I'd experiment and take my camera along with me as I went about my day. Just for practice you know.

At first I had no intention of putting it online, it was a simple exercise in self awareness and encouraging myself to explore how relaxed and comfortable I can feel with a camera.

I have hopes of pursuing more exciting opportunities for music and drama so it seemed like a good idea to start putting myself in front of a camera - albeit a handheld one!

Truth be told I've really enjoyed the experience. I fell into the whole process quite comfortably. I'm in a bad habit of talking to myself far too much already so chances are that has helped a lot! 

I'm pretty sure talking to a camera in public actually makes me look far more sane than my usually talking or worse singing to myself!

And so we being this new adventure on YouTube.

Welcome to my new Youtube channel!

I'm not going to put too much pressure on myself but I'm really hoping I can offer another dimension to the content you can find here on Theasthinkings. For now my goal is to do a video a week and see how things go. If I really enjoy it, and you do too I'll do more in the future.

On my new Youtube channel you'll find occasional vlogs, DIY craft and home design tutorials, more on lifestyle, fitness and food, and even some upcoming music videos which I'm really excited about.

So here's my first ever video and vlog.

I hope you'll enjoy this new part of TheasThinkings as much I'm enjoying creating it, and be sure to subscribe to see all the new content right in your inbox!

I really appreciate all the support and in the same spirit if I can support you too I would love to. Feel free to leave your blog and channel links in the comments and I'll make sure to visit you too!

I'm really excited for this new adventure, I hope you'll join me!

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