Are you using Social Media to the full?

Not everyone may know, but as well as Blogging I also manage social media accounts for quite a few bloggers now, and with my services growing I've been curious to see if what management can offer, matches up with the wants and priorities of Bloggers. So with that in mind just a few days ago I ran a Twitter Poll to see just how Bloggers are using Social Media and what they thought about it.

Are we using it to it's full potential?What do bloggers really want from Social Media?What are bloggers using as milestones for successful social media management?

I had amazing feedback with over 400 responses, so I thought I'd share the outcomes with you!

Here's the questions I put out last week:

That seems to fit with my expectations. Lately it's rare for anyone to use just one social media platform but it's clear Twitter and Instagram as still in the lead with Pinterest not far behind, and a few people commenting to say they're now getting a lot of traffic from LinkedIn. It really depends on your genre.

But even though we know the power of social media we still find ourselves not using it as much as we'd like to.

It's also clear to see that while some blogger aren't sure what they're doing on social media a lot really do and they want to engage with their audience which is luckily great.

Blogging in itself can be incredibly rewarding but it's when you engage with your audience and the community that you really find the value in blogging.

Time and knowledge play big factors though, and like the majority of bloggers I too understand the challenge of balancing life, work and blogging. Without management or scheduling systems it can be really hard to keep on top of it, and promote your hard work for people to find and enjoy.

It was also great to see engagement as top priority for bloggers. It can sometimes seem that following is everything online, but the reality is you can have a lot of followers and no one reading your tweets. 

It's far better to grow your audience through truthful and honest interactions and effective promotion of your content through effective photography and clearly linked content, which will have far more impact on your blog traffic and create a far more rewarding experience. 

Time and money are the classic things to keep us from getting the most out of social media and are blogging as a whole, but it's so important to growing your blog.

When I started blogging I really had no idea how important social media was, and in the past few years it's just grown and grown.

The reality is most bloggers simply don't have the time to really utilise social media to it's full effect, I know I didn't when I started! Unfortunately social media services also aren't that available to bloggers so unless you're already a blog with a strong reach you probably wouldn't be able to access any support.

That's really why I started to help fellow bloggers. I decided to take what I'd learnt from the last several years and do something to give back to bloggers who might not know how to utilise social media, might not have the time because of work, family and life commitments, and more than likely don't have the funds because let's face it most of us aren't making enough money to survive from blogging alone!

That's how I came up with my budget packages especially for bloggers and small business owners. With budget packages from £5 a month and bespoke packages from £1 a day I wanted to make something that could actually help bloggers take their social media to the next level.

Since then I've worked with tens of bloggers some on an on-and-off basis and more staying with me month after month. Some lovely bloggers have also written testimonials:

"Since Thea has been managing my Social Media, I have seen such a HUGE increase in engagement levels not only on my Social Media channels, but also on my Blog as well. I love working with Thea, and I hope we can continue to work together for the foreseeable future".@misssmiley32

"As someone who works full time having the time to organize content and promote my blog on Twitter regularly is something that can be quite a struggle to maintain. Because I work such long hours and work more than one job, having an organized individual like Thea schedule and promote my content on scheduled days each week is quite honestly a life saver. I run several projects outside of blogging and Twitter scheduling can take up so much time so this has given me the freedom to dedicate more time to other projects. Not only is Thea organized but she is understanding, dedicated and committed. I have seen my social media following grow and reach new accounts who might not have seen my profile otherwise@Faded_Spring

It's been such a rewarding experience for me and I'm so glad to be able to support bloggers build their social media and in turn watch their blogs grow.

I also offer advertising packages now!

If you'd like to work with me please feel free to read the page and contact me on

What's been your experience of using Social Media? Do you take full advantage or wish you could be doing more? Let me know in the comments, and thanks to everyone who took part in the poll!

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