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In the month of May, accompanied by Berkshire blogger Eugenia from runyourmindfree I will be taking on the challenge to Try20 every day to raise awareness of the health benefits of regular walks and to support Living Streets in their campaign to make cities around People, not cars.

For national walking month, We will be rising to the challenge to get outside and walk 20 minutes everyday to see how adding just a short walk into your routine can improve your health and boost your mood. We’ll both be blogging and I’m going to be weekly vlogging the good days and the bad ones, come rain or shine, and taking you along with us on the journey.

But it doesn’t stop there. Each week in May we’re going to be setting ourselves a surprise twist on the challenge so be sure to check back in every Sunday to find out how we got on and what the next challenge is we have to face.

Just a 20 minute walk every day can not only increase the health of your heart, blood pressure and improve metabolism, but it can boost your mood, increase happiness, reduce stress, and give you a rare opportunity to explore you local area in a way you might not ever experience.

Sound good? Well if you’d like to join in and pledge to #Try20 you can! You can find all the details on the LivingStreets website and pledge to Try20 with us, so come on!

There’s no obligation to do the whole month, Living Streets have plenty of ideas and inspiration to get you moving.

If you pledge let us know – tweet us both at @runyourmindfree and @theasthinkingswith updates, and tag us in your photos on Instagram, we’d love to share this adventure with you!

So with the countdown to May well on it’s way we better share with you our first challenge! In week one I’m going to be taking on the challenge to “Try20 commute”. Make sure you head over to Eugenia’s blog to follow her taking on Try20 and find out challenge she’s taking on for week 1!

I’m really excited (if a little nervous) to get started, but I hope you’ll come along for the ride, and I’ll see you with an update here and on Youtube on 7th May!

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