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The following post I wrote over two years ago - it's amazing how time flies! It was written in a time of struggle and never feeling ready to publish, it got left by the way side. But considering how much time has moved on and how remarkably little has changed, I've decided it's time. My writing style has changed but the message it still so very relevant. So here it is... let me take you back to March, 2015...

Have you ever been in love?

I'm sure we've all felt love in our lives - family, friends, lovers, partners, pets...

Yet when things come to an end we have a bazaar way of placing an expiry date on love - a time after a relationship ends that we should be able to get over it.

Have you ever overheard someone saying "she should be moving on" - "it's been a year, you'd think he'd be over it by now...". Have you ever heard yourself say it?

I have.

Love comes in many forms, in the unequivocal love of a parent and child, in the protective arms of a friend or the passionate arms of romance, in the adoring eyes of a son or daughter, in dreams...

The time is 5:47am.

The time is 5:47 am. It's been two years, four months, and three weeks to the day that she left, and I find myself waking from nightmares thinking "how is it not OK?"

Love has no end date. We think a prescription of work to keep ourselves busy, holidays to take out mind of the work, and a small amount of time should be enough to stop the grieving process.

From my experience, grief is not something that just goes away. You don't wake up one day, fresh faced and ready to face your next adventure.
Grief is an on going struggle (now: almost 5 years on I can still say that's true).

Grief like many emotions comes in waves. Some are little niggles, reminders of better times, others come at you head on with no choice but to ride the current and hope you keep your head above water.

It's been more than two years, and today the weather forecast is for stormy clouds, with bouts of heavy rains, choppy waters, and high tides.

When someone around you loses a loved one, it can be quite easy to assume all will be fine in the long run. From an outsiders perspective, these two years and something months have been such a long time ago, but to me, to the person who lost someone, each one of those months feels like only a minute.

I don't think true love can ever leave you.

While I sit here glancing at the sun peaking over the hills, that statement could not be any more real. I am thankful, that despite the heartache of her loss, and the pains that visit me in my sleep, I've experienced that love. It was and is the most precious possession I will ever have.
It is every emotion wrapped up in one incredibly intense feeling that has pushed me through every one of life's trials, including her leaving and my staying.

Love is such an incredible thing, don't let it go cold, feel it in you everyday and let it power you on.

I know I had love - have love.

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