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Hey Guys, welcome back to another Confident Me Clinic! This week I'm so excited to introduce you to a new guest blogger for the series Rebecca from BBBaking! Rebecca shares with us how to have your cake and eat it with her insightful look into how she'd built up her own confidence over the past few years. I hope you enjoy it and don't forget to share on your social media with the hashtag #ConfidentMeAandE. So without further ado, over to you...

Bbbaking here. Wow, my first guest post and I love the topic of the series which is self-confidence, motivation and self-care. The topic I chose was self-confidence as I felt I could share about this whilst relating it to my love of food as a food blogger and a chef.
Confidence is something that has really changed for me, in particular over the last year. Moving to a different educational environment has been different for me, but it has enabled me to grow as a person and decide who I want to be. One thing I decided I did want to be in my fresh start was fearlessly confident. Confidence has many pros; it allows you to grasp opportunities, meet new people and be who you want to be with no apologises. After 5 years in high school isn’t that what every teen wants?

So my guide to unapologetic confidence (or having cake as I call it) has 4 easy steps…

C – Courage
A – Acceptance
K – Killing it
E – Endurance

Courage. Many define courage as jumping into a river to save a child, standing up to the school bully or fighting for king and country. Although all these things are incredible and commendable, courage comes in all shapes, sizes and styles much like us. Courage is a word not often used in our society as it is entirely dependent on situation and circumstances. The type of courage I’m going to be talking about is being true to ourselves and not apologising for any of our quirks, flaws or mannerisms. In fact not apologising for anything about ourselves! Courage isn’t a natural emotion, fear is though. It’s not easy to be courageous in any sort of way but sometimes helping yourself is harder than helping others. Often it’s easy to see the beauty in others and the things that make them great people. But seeing how you can make the world a better place is a lot harder. That’s where courage comes in; courage to smile, laugh and bring sunshine into your surroundings is the type of courage which breeds confidence.

Acceptance of who you are is the next step on the road to true confidence. Acceptance is crucial as how can you expect others to accept you until you learn to accept yourself, clichĂ© I know! But as true as it ever was. Working with what you have also has a lot to be said for; I wouldn’t expect to be a bikini model blonde, that has yards of golden spun hair and flawless skin as actually I’m a dessert loving spotty teenager whose mixed race with shoulder length dark hair. My point is both people I’m describing are beautiful in their own way, and should accept themselves. I’m not saying that you can’t be displeased with aspects of yourself, for example I’d love to have a flatter stomach but it’s my own fault for not doing sit ups and there’s nothing wrong with a roll or two anyway as long as it doesn’t affect your health. Confidence isn’t all to do with appearance as well, I accept that I don’t have the talent to be the next BeyoncĂ© and that’s something that unfortunately I’m going to have to learn to live with. Maybe I’ll never end up on Broadway or receiving a standing ovation at the royal Albert hall and I have to learn to accept those things about myself. However, I have other dreams and aspirations (perhaps more realistic) that I believe that I can achieve with a lot of hard work and a little confidence.

Killing it. This is not as self-explanatory as the other 3 aspects of my foodie analogy, but I guess the gist is clear. How can you be confident if self-love doesn’t run through your veins? Not arrogance but self-love. If you’re not going to be your number 1 fan who is? Maybe some people think it isn’t humble or modest but guess what girls? Who run the world? Girls! Yes so far this paragraph has been slightly tongue in cheek however, no one else is going put your happiness first. So for ultimate confidence why don’t you go and grasp those opportunities looking great, feeling fine and generally killing it.

Endurance. This last step of caking it really is an addendum to the first 3 steps as it’s not too hard to have courage, acceptance and be killing it for a short amount of time however, keeping everything long term is the hard part. Endurance is the key last step of confidence as having a few moments of madness to reach for the stars is something everyone can do. But you, you can make that permanent. Imagine being fully self-assured and confident all the time. The old Chinese proverb says that we have 3 faces, the one we show to the world, the one we show to those we love and the one only we see. So how about making the face the world sees the best it can be? And no your true self is very private and all of us have what’s deep inside us but people are drawn like moths to genuineness and sincerity so how about showing elements of each face to the world and be true to all 3 of your faces in the long run.

So in conclusion, do you have the bravery to CAKE it?

Using each and every one of these steps will insure lasting and unapologetic confidence.  So guys and girls, just remember courage isn’t natural and that’s what makes it so hard, others won’t accept you until you learn to accept yourself but you CAN do it, and thirdly remember - walk in those heels, read that pile of books, break the glass ceiling in the professional world and wear that red lipstick. Do whatever you do kill it on a daily basis, and lastly work on your endurance everyday, keep going and your confidence will start to be permanent!  I hope to see more people caking it in day to day life!

If you haven't already, be sure to check out the other articles in the #ConfidentMeAandE series and come back again next week for a new one! Thanks so much for reading.

Confident Me A&E

Yours truly, Bbbaking

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