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Last week I teamed up with Eugenia from runyourmindfree and Living Streets to take on the #Try20 challenge throughout May.

In sum we joined-up to take on the challenge of walking for 20 minutes everyday in May to raise awareness of the health (mental and physical) benefits of walking every day and see first hand the impact in can have on our lives. For full details on the challenge and how you can pledge to join the Living streets campaign check out my first post here.

Eugenia and I are both at very different stages in our fitness journey - Eugenia is currently doing a half marathon every weekend for the next three weeks, and I'm still working on getting my fitness back after a major hip surgery for a chronic health condition - but no matter where you are on your journey we're convinced this challenge can be beneficial for everyone!

In week 1 I took the challenge to #Try20 to work everyday. In hindsight it was not the best week for this challenge but I'll explain why in a moment.

All in all though it was lovely to walk to (or from) work everyday. Getting out of the house to see some of the beautiful parts of London, and take some time to be with my thoughts was an amazing way to start the day. Sometimes I find myself waking up with troubled thoughts but by the time I got myself to work I had a clear mind and was in a really positive place to carry on with my day.

My walk to work is also more like 40 minutes not 20, which at first seemed a bit daunting but the real trick was in leaving the house. Once I was on my way it didn't really matter how long my journey was I could have easily kept going.

It did rain a little on some days but it wasn't bad, so long as you come prepared (I wasn't but I always will be form now on!)

We're only a week in but I'm already loving the challenge. So to tell you what made it a challenge - my terrible timing skills, and just life! Taking on a different mini challenge for week 1 would have probably been a better idea that #Try20 to work. The reality is Monday was a bank holiday, I work part-time (so that only took me to Wednesday) and for the rest of the week I've had to improvise.
On Thursday I walked to my Acting class in the evening and Friday I walked to the cinema. I knew I wouldn't be able to do the challenge 7 days a week so I've been easy on myself this weekend but I still managed to walk on Saturday to a Museum Exhibit (Making Nature: How we see animals at the Wellcome Collection, and the Permanent Exhibitions on Medicine. Both were really great highly recommended!) and today I'll be walking to my partners parents for a roast (totally worth it!)

The main thing I've taken from all this is that once your out of the house 20 minutes is nothing at all! The reality is every one of my walks this week has been well over 20 minutes but once your legs are moving, the rest is easy! I've really been enjoying the guaranteed time outdoors everyday and I can't wait for Week 2.

If you'd like to see how I really got on with my #Try20 challenge in week one you can watch my weekly vlog over on Youtube every Monday.

In Week 2 I've decided I'm going to be taking on the challenge to "Get Snappy". Every day on my walk not only will I be vlogging but I'll also be taking snaps to take advantage of the amazing scenery in London and actually take a moment to stop and enjoy it!

Be sure to check out Eugenia's blog to see how she got on in Week 1 and find out what her next challenge will be!

In my vlogs I'm also including talks on topics around walking, fitness, mindfulness and anything else that comes up during my #Try20, so if there's any topics you'd like to hear let me know and I'll be sure to include them during the week.

So to another week with #Try20 - wish me luck!

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