#Try20 | Week 2

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger...right? Right?! OK so maybe not always.

If you follow me on twitter you might have heard I was pretty sick this week, so you can imagine that getting to completing my #Try20 challenge every day was...well a challenge.

If you've not heard about the #Try20 challenge you can have a read here and get up to speed on things. Don't worry I'll wait...

OK so now we're all on the same page, you'll know that for every week of May I'm adding an extra level to the challenge by trying to theme every run. In week 1 I I chose to #Try20 to work, in week 2 I got snappy with my #Try20 taking photos on my walks about London, and for week 3 I chose to #Try20 in my happy shoes. I'm going to save week 3 for a bonus blog later in the week but first I want to catch us all up on week 2 as I was too sick to blog last weekend.

Don't forget I've also partnered up with Eugenia from runyourmindfree so you can head over to her site to check out the challenges she's chosen to take on every week and see how she got on with them.

Back tracking for now, of my three challenges I've taken so far, Week two's get snappy was definitely my favourite. Sometimes on my walks I can get so lost in my head (not a bad thing either!) that I forgot to really pay attention to my surroundings but having my camera out made me really look around me. I can also see it as a really clever way to get yourself out and walking, because getting out around your town and taking photos can be really fun in itself and you still get all the health benefits of getting outdoors, moving your achy muscles and giving yourself time to mull over thoughts and ideas.

I didn't get much opportunity to take in any extra detours this week, still while taking my usual route to-and-from work, finding somewhere green on my lunch, and my typical weekly errands, I did catch some sights I hadn't noticed before and some real lucky finds along the way. So without further ado here's some of the sights from my walks in #Try20 week 2:

On a quick drop off into Chinatown 
and a walk to my partner's parents house where we stumbled on a vintage market!

Walking through the parks near my house is definitely a new favourite part of my week, and randomly walking past this float right next to Westminster made me chuckle!

This little guy has always stood near my work and I've never never noticed it before!

If you get the chance to get outdoors this week, I would really recommend getting your phone out and having a look around for nice photo ops. One of the bright sides of being so glued to our phones these days is we almost always have a decent camera on us now to capture those wonderful moments or taken that candid shot. I bet you'll spot things you've never noticed before!

In a few days time I'll be catching up with you again to share my #Try20 week three so be sure to check that out and let me know if you get involved to!

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