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Since I moved to London a lot of things have changed, and I'm definitely living a faster paced life.

Between work, hobbies, classes and family and friends, I'm constantly on the move doing something, seeing something or trying something new.

London is such an incredible city, and I'm forever yearning to see more, do more, experience more. But with extra life experiences comes a much greater need to manage my time, and right now efficiency and simplicity is everything!

Efficiency and Simplicity is everything!

If I'm paying for anything I want to be in and out, no waiting around no fussing over my purse, I'm looking for quick and easy tools so I can be done with the fiddly bits and just relaxed and enjoying my adventures.

When I first moved here just over a year ago things were completely different I was suspicious of everyone and very protective of my security. Well... I still am really that's why I'm so excited to now have a mynecard.

I tap in and out on the tube every day of every week, and I'm always whipping in and out of shops and supermarkets so going contactless has been amazing for me. But I still have those worries about my data, and we've all heard the stories about how easily people can access your personal and financial details when you use contactless. So when Mynecards* offered me the opportunity to test out there protection card I just couldn't turn it down.

Simplicity and Security? Yesss!

Mynecard is the simplest little piece of technology, designed in partnership with the National Gallery, they look beautiful and discreet so no one would know, but it simply slips into my card holder or wallet right on top of my card and boom - security. the card stops anyone from being able to tap into my personal details, and my payments are totally safe.

I've been testing it out this week on the tube and I'm just loving the freedom. It's a big game changer for me. No more worry about keeping my details safe, and still easy quick payments. Plus I get to carry round a little piece of art with me to glance at on the tube.

Security in this day and age is so important, with data being used and abused left right and centre, anything that can give you protection without any complications has got to be worth checking out.

I'm so chuffed with mine I've popped one in a gift card for my Dad this father's day. His a tech wizz and will be only too happy to get teched up with the latest gadgets and security.

If you're looking for something a bit different for your Dad, and your totally clueless, maybe give it a go! It's a piece of art and a practical purcahse.... he might love it!

So I'm off out to take full advantage of mine. It's a sunny day, I'm thinking ice cream, hyde park, maybe a coffee, oh... maybe coffee ice cream! Combo - yes!

Hope you have a great day and keep your payments safe guys!

*This item was gifted to me for the purposes of an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Such a good idea! Thanks for sharing! It's so easy to forget to make sure your money is secure in this day and age.


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